BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-11

  • "Win or go home" … #SF Giants take the lead 2 – 1 with an error in the 10th; man on 1st, man on 2nd, 2 out. #
  • @CFL_Esks – Nice item on @CFLonTSN. The shop's gonna run out of #2 gear! ^5 #
  • Maybe "social media" is 90% anti-social scam; folk celebrate the fact of facelessly "Liking" or +ing …. the worst sort of reductionism. #
  • You don't stand up to bullies. And you don't want us to stand against Taliban. You really are failed as body politic. #
  • Sandusky uncovers a nasty conspiracy (He did nothing wrong, according to his statements.) and Romney identifies PBS as a massive threat. #
  • "Capitalism produces choice of producers." F'ing bullshit. Just look at big pharma. Aren't you tired of swallowing lies? I mean really. #
  • Who is Mitt Romney, really? He's whoever he needs to be to curry power and favor. You feel okay about that? FFS … #
  • Romney's in so many ways the perfect GOP candidate: fundamentally unprincipled. #
  • @LifeAligned The way this thread snapped is paradigmatic. Perhaps +Protension is just a piece of fluff? in reply to LifeAligned #
  • My America cousins are endless source of sadness. They vote for O and "change", then reward GOP for sabotaging that project. Such a sad folk #
  • Maybe Romney isn't just the perfect GOP candidate. Maybe perfect PotUS for American people: ideals and principles bedamned, gimme money. #
  • What I studied for years: how tens of billions of dollars are spent each year on pet care products. And candy. Check it out … do. #
  • Decriminalizing marijuana would save billions in costs, save thousands of jobs blighted by criminal records, castrate drug cartels … no go #
  • Sad to see Twitter DM fall apart. I send 3 DM, recipient says he sees 7. Previous 4 hadn't been notified. And they're dated last December! #
  • Anyone have access to PsycLit? Do me a kindness: see if there are results for "discourse variance". Google is dumb. #
  • Being a "grown up" and being an "adult". Same thing? How about "reacting" and "responding", same? Sad, watching death of culture. #
  • #Dharma – Not having received transmission I've been kind of stuck. But in "Lamp for the Path" I find "Union of Insight and Means". EMaHo! #

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BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-10

  • If you encounter a really nasty bully, think of the dozens and dozens of people who previously indulged and tolerated or just ignored. #borg #
  • After decades I'm losing steam. Others' constant pandering for RT and "like" is sucking my will to live. Such a pathetic culture. #
  • @coffeepartyusa Only a fool gets ahead of the electorate. And the electorate is as though brain-damaged. in reply to coffeepartyusa #
  • IMF comments that the world economy is stumbling. Not doubt right-wing ass-hats will blame that on Obama's policies. #
  • @davegray #Techne Heidegger's essays on technology are pret'near a must read. #Praxis in reply to davegray #
  • Psychopaths are masters at exploiting personality defects. Just look at ring-wing conspiracy theorists: deceit, deception, specious logic… #
  • Ad on right-wing nutters TV show: "You chose to stay true to your roots and create your own values." Uhhh … excuse me? F'ing nutters. #
  • @davegray "Question Concerning Technology" is more correct, but "essays on technology" will get you lots of results. in reply to davegray #
  • @davegray What he was exploring wass /*yoiks!*/ in my words, the relationship between abstract knowledge and technology i.e. real-izing. in reply to davegray #
  • @davegray My fave context: understanding how a tube works (i.e. a "valve" as Brits call it) then transistor is merely variation on a theme. in reply to davegray #
  • @davegray p.s. for me PERT and Gant were quantum, where word processing was not. Oh, and spreadsheet likewise: breakthrough thinking. in reply to davegray #
  • @davegray For decades after Gutenberg no books had page numbers. And then came ToC. And then index. And the footnotes. And then ;-) in reply to davegray #
  • @LifeAligned Actually a series of 140 is precisely what I mourn. Folk think of that as though some peak achievement. EMail or IRC far better in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned In effect the same as "damned with faint praise". A string of bumper-stickers grounding the energy and leaving nothing. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned That all need discourse is ridiculous. That none … I call that the death of culture. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned I don't know what "that" turned a corner. As for 200 or 300, I don't think you mean quantity = quality. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned p.s. in my discourse system I jokingly impose "42 words". But of course nobody laughs, because nobody bothers thinking. HeyHo in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned Simplest: "like" or + or RT suffices because … why? how? except that really nobody has anything worth saying. Doom. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned BTW "serial partial attention" … I call that a disease. But I'm sure psychopaths world-round celebrate the phenomenon. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned Or maybe it's "constant partial attention" … since the buzz phrase matters so much more than the actuality. #borg #pathology in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned BTW back-channel I'm watching the NYYankees, listening to a radio documentary on War of 1812, and preparing to bottle beer. heh in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned heehee … wielding a yumi, there is never other than 1 thought in mind. Wielding a katana, the entire cosmos is at hand. heh in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned GPlus +Protension, if you will. _Hasta_ in reply to LifeAligned #
  • I'm still partial to football, but watching a good baseball game really is a pleasure. #
  • Has Nietzsche's writing played a role in your life? How about Fromm? so why the hell would I have bothered. W'n culture is brain-dead. #
  • #Gamification Would you team up with your friends to tear down false knowledge about, say, global warming? or against gays' marriage rights? #
  • What's community? It's where you aren't required to maintain deception and false front. Where open authenticity is an option. (Next Q?) #
  • @davegray Snooped and found this: < Realized I hadn't used poeisis in my pitch! ;p in reply to davegray #
  • @PnP_CBC re: HuaWei – cannot possible divorce the company from national interests. p.s. your tweet stream is stale; say something! #
  • Social buzz about Justin Trudeau? Indeed. For my part: I've been dreading hearing about him, and then hearing even more about him. #
  • @ryderjaphy Avoid/reject, apply anti-dotes, transform … so lucky we are, to have different means and teachings for different persons. in reply to ryderjaphy #
  • "majority in Canada see income inequality as "serious problem", want to see government-led solutions to ending it." < #

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BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-09

  • @pietrosperoni Ah, operational metaphor/simile. "Like", + and RT are as poll responses. "Discourse" (as I see it) is as focus group product. in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • @thezachmaginnis The water we feel so easy about wasting is tens of thousands of years old. Older. in reply to thezachmaginnis #
  • @waxpancake Good on yuh. But beware: very seductive hobby / habit. cc: @TMFSpeck in reply to waxpancake #
  • @kim heh … _double entendre_ in reply to kim #
  • #NFL – Brees throws 2nd TD of the game. OMG those NO receivers are voodoo good. #
  • Good lord NO receivers are sick. #NFL #
  • @sammartino Gangnam Style come to mind? cc: @eprenen in reply to sammartino #
  • "Mob Doctor" … I was just thinking: encountering conservatives publicly, I'm always amazed how dishonest they are. To friends, to enemies. #
  • Tainted beef recall grows yet.again … time for more cutbacks in inspection? Gawd conservatives are ignorant. #
  • Bush made up reasons to attack Iraq, Romney bases his economics on magic beans, Harper doesn't care about consequences. #Ideology #
  • The Religious Right in USofA is a disease. Did you know that O's "Muslim advisors" blocked access to WH for Jews and Christians? Me neither. #
  • Can't recall just who, but one #NFL RB yesterday has 4yrs on the field and a total of 0 fumbles. It's an individual thing. #CFL #
  • CFL – Is why I always, always, always play Defense: gotta luv taking points away. hooa #WPG #
  • A long long time ago I concluded that writing would just add to the thrash. Decided to go double or nothing. So I come away w/nothing. HeyHo #
  • "I like this, therefor it's good" isn't unique to right-wing troglodytes. Opportunistic "progressives" are a blight on body politic. #
  • Just another mindless day for you? "Counting the Cost – Who stole the American Dream?" > < (YouTube 25mins) #
  • Give things, for what? "Nice" people routinely surrender their integrity for the consumer life. Hell-realm world is on its way. Thanks? No. #
  • In my 40yrs of activism I've seen it countless times: folk offer support … conditional only on collusion and mutual affirmation. #borg #
  • @Naljorpa108 That link is 404 here. in reply to Naljorpa108 #
  • Congrats #WPG #CFL #
  • @Naljorpa108 cheers > < in reply to Naljorpa108 #
  • #USPS Priority International is bullshit. $25 for a book … left 2 weeks ago … tracking shows left LA 10 days ago. Fucking thieves. #
  • Yuppies kidz have learned to take pride in cutting corners. 80/20 "release fast; release often" low-hanging fruit. Our culture is doomed. #
  • I always get a great deal of pleasure from watching someone beat Toronto. #CFL #
  • hoooa Saskatchewan! #CFL #
  • "media's obsession with social media had reached "idol-worshipping proportions."" > < (HuffPost) #

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BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-08

  • @pietrosperoni Yes, RT and + and Like is core. But what I see is a slide down towards that and no more. "Bumper sticker politics". in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • @brianbreslin If I had comedic talent I might be able to spin up a joke on how certain troglodyte behaviors make me intolerant. HeyHo in reply to brianbreslin #
  • Tricky, trying to deal with taboo. Red-neck righties glory in it, while decent folk pretend there's nothing wrong. #
  • "Like" and + and RT actually reduce the individual. Discourse easily expands on the personal, the person's story. But no interest! #
  • The #pathology I've been struggling against for 40yrs can be summed up: you want folk to Follow you, to Like you. I want folk to think. #
  • @pietrosperoni Reminded myself of 1976, realizing that enlisting people, recruiting them as members is the least positive outcome. #autonomy in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • When membership in a group or movement reduces your personal responsibility … is that seen as a positive? Yes. Is it positive? Not a bit. #
  • @MattDuniganTSN heh … paparazzi on the set! in reply to MattDuniganTSN #
  • @gruber I don't think @Jack_Welch's blurt is trivial. A cultural disposition to fiction from someone with history of heavy lifting? Scary. in reply to gruber #
  • @drgrist This was the issue I cut my teeth on in the 70s. That and apartheid. in reply to drgrist #
  • "Like" and + and RT are worth the effort these gestures require, i.e. very very little. Yet folk lust for them, and celebrate. #MereMadness #
  • Gotta say BC plays real pretty football. #CFL #
  • "'Gangnam Style' now most-liked video in YouTube history" > < (Guinness World Records) #
  • "Gangnam Style" breaks all records for popularity. That could tell you something about "Like" and + … if you didn't plug your ears. #
  • heh I guess Calgary deserves TD now and again. #CFL #
  • Pretty game. Lotsa classy key plays. Gotta luv it. #CFL #
  • When folk romanticize gang bangers, biker types … do they not know that these are cheats, liars and bullies? or is that the thrill? #
  • @CatholicismUSA Have a look a basic social justice issues, specifics like children growing up in poverty. Data. Facts. Reality. #sanity in reply to CatholicismUSA #
  • @CatholicismUSA Have you read Kant on peace? Waging economic warfare destabilizes human community. Like poisoning wells. #debt in reply to CatholicismUSA #
  • The young asshole who ruined my evening y'day: so righteous, so sensitive to offense. Yet offensive at every turn. Like right-wing. #Madness #
  • Big Bird making an appearance on SNL. heh #
  • @pietrosperoni Yes. What I looked into (long before + and Like and RT) was how that valence is /opening/ to discourse. Primitive/primary. in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • Bill O'Reilly banging the drum for "I make my own way!" … "robust capitalism" rather than West European "socialism". Cocky. #
  • @IdeaGov Straight out of West Wing. ;-) in reply to IdeaGov #
  • @theonlyadult The GOP's line is simple: until/unless there is 2nd Coming, everything is evidence that liberalism is false and wrong-headed. in reply to theonlyadult #
  • @pietrosperoni Problem: stupification of the commons. I should be able to use Hesse's "glass bead game" as rich metaphor. But it fails. in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • @MindDeep We spend so many hours "just sitting" with the knowledge that insight takes only a moment. ;-) in reply to MindDeep #
  • @dzigarkongtrul I've always called it "authentic presence in the moment". That doesn't capture popular imagination. KyeHo in reply to dzigarkongtrul #
  • @Borthwick Dangerously foolish formulation, expressing the brown-shirt version of group-think. Clarfy please. cc: @jayrosen_nyu in reply to Borthwick #
  • @pietrosperoni #ImplicitKnowledge – see "No, you’re not entitled to your opinion" > < via @Borthwick @jayrosen_nyu in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • In most situations "yes man" is taken not as a positive. But with "social" media mere "Like" or + or RT is as though golden. #Variance #

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BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-07

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BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-06

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BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-05

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BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-04

  • Pennsylvania Republicans STRAIGHT UP LIE about history of voting abuse, to push through ID requirements. Such assholes they are! #
  • @deviniyer G'day – I've been hammering that since mid-70s. Nobody much cares. It's a 20/80 issue; doesn't benefit from #AttentionEconomy in reply to deviniyer #
  • @deviniyer p.s. decades in harness; I'm ready to clamber onto my blue ox and disappear into the setting sun. I might do a KickStart finale. in reply to deviniyer #
  • Auto-sales up over last year; house values up over last year. GOP sabotage didn't work. #
  • What I said in '84: reefs are indicators of ocean health. Great Barrier … 50% has disappeared. 80% in Caribbean. Woe … woe and doom. #
  • @1_eddie If you haven't yet watched "Century of the Self" a) I scold you, and b) URL on request. cc: @Ziggy_Daddy in reply to 1_eddie #
  • "The Meaning of Civility" > < (Conflict Research Consortium) #
  • #YEG "ETS Bus bike rack demos" > < Friday, south of Whyte on 99th #
  • Funny how the personal becomes political. When we deny our own failings the stories we come up with create cover for the real villains. #
  • @deviniyer I was impressed by how "poverty mentality" leads to insatiable greed / consumerism. #HungryGhosts in reply to deviniyer #
  • That cheap thrill that comes from snubbing someone? That's the ego boost low-life gate-keepers get. #Innovation #
  • @joshmull O's a b-ball player. Expect some head fakes as he feeds Romney enough rope to trip himself up. #JustGuessing in reply to joshmull #
  • "Dragons' Den" … "This is the real thing" they say. High-fashion salon for pets. FFS #
  • The problem I see in Friedman's "The World We’re Actually Living In"? > < Romneyites won't read it; it convinces nobody #
  • #Email #Fraud – Just got a very legitimate looking scam email. If you're a #CIBC customer, FWD these to < #
  • @OccupyWallSt We as citizens are not required to be politically sophisticated. But losing common sense, that's epidemic. And not accidental. in reply to OccupyWallSt #
  • @deviniyer Thinking about what you said. I can imagine a world of relative plenty without justice … kind of like a feed lot. #Compliance in reply to deviniyer #

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BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-03

  • #UpTick – Manufacturers' orders up from AUG; industrial actiity up from AUG. GOP sabotage is failing. #
  • BTW I've been a huge fan of small firm manufacturing my whole life. In US, 500K jobs go un-filled. Yuppie sensibilities and greed. #
  • A new formulation for me: "Those who really care about personality politics are those I truly dislike. So I'm pretty much screwed." heh #
  • @jamiebillingham That tweet from me? That came from revisiting what I was thinking mid-70s. Profit as end in itself => SNAFU. #SocialPsych in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @JamieBillingham In my experience good folk like @DonIveson are truly too busy for oblong pegs like me. It's up to you and @ThoughtStream. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham p.s. mention of @doniveson et al flashed me back to pondering, "How would this make CJ Cregg's day easier and better?" ;-) in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham Anecdotally, few yrs back Mayor Stephen Mandel opted to not attend a national mayors conference; lots of talk w/o product. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham And there we go. Personally I have often said that folk are //simply too busy//. But that's where dharma comes in. :-) in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham War story: couldn't get engineers to spend 30minutes learning macros that would save them 3hrs each week w/better results. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham Loved it truly. But it was … fantasy. From 1st and 2nd hand personal experience I know that the reality is more cynical. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham #CogPsych #UX – "Let me use the tools I know"; folk want predictable outcomes. They get burned, conned, manipulated … in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham I love work. Period. Exercising craft and skill. #Zen For me "toil" is playing the social game. #realpolitik cc: @hjarche in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham psssssst … just 'tween you, me, and the doorpost: have you watched "Big Bang Theory?" huh huh … dialog! haaa! in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • "Counting the Cost – Who stole the American Dream?" > < (YouTube 25mins) #
  • @hjarche Hi there Harold! Say, what's that quasi-mystical movement… charismatic figure… talked about "the work"? cc: @jamiebillingham in reply to hjarche #
  • Who, exactly, are Republicans painting as villains? "Who Pays No Income Tax" #
  • Americans are more tolerant of economic inequality than others. Maybe cuz those Americans understand neither economics nor justice. #borg #
  • @JohnFMoore You heard about anti-Buddhist riots in Bangladesh? 1 Buddhist posted 1 anti-Muslim picture on FB and /*flash*/. in reply to JohnFMoore #
  • When I say I don't like my cohort, I mean I think them traitors against the human race. Not really a joke. At all. Not a bit. Really. #borg #
  • @hjarche I will. Remind you. If I remember. ;-) 'nite in reply to hjarche #
  • @jamiebillingham Boy I can't remember the last time I followed a good drama. Maybe MI-5? Weak tea compared to West Wing, but w/some quality. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • I wonder: folk in #CSIS have a sense of history? Long before I had even heard of ComRsch I did jump training w/thoughts of forward intel. #
  • It seems to me that HR and such like folk are designed to isolate doers from actual innovation … imposed stupidity. #
  • @jamiebillingham Breaking Bad was awful entertaining, in a pulp fiction sorta way. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy That idea coincides with the over-arching game-plan i.e. maximize rate of profit regardless of long-term consequences. #piracy in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • Dear American workers – Year after year you increase productivity. You haven't gotten your share of profits. What, you like being robbed?! #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy Haaa! What shall we choose: human beings are innately inept, stupid, and incompetent? or sometimes dishonest and corrupt? ;p in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy Same choice, diff motive: those are situational, so can improve (or worsen). Ain't no cure for stuhpud ;) cheers in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • @kayak234 Sorry, I don't understand how "to create existence" relates to URL on Twitter profile. in reply to kayak234 #
  • "ADHD Clinical Practice Points – After 6 years of frustrated advocacy at last a small victory over Big Pharma" > < #
  • Harper Conservatives have 1 agenda: to show that federal government cannot be effective. Not with F-35, not with tainted beef. #GOP #
  • According to Conservative hack it's irresponsible to put tainted beef into context with history of food inspection. Ring-wingers are ASS. #

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BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-02

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