BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-11

  • "Win or go home" … #SF Giants take the lead 2 – 1 with an error in the 10th; man on 1st, man on 2nd, 2 out. #
  • @CFL_Esks – Nice item on @CFLonTSN. The shop's gonna run out of #2 gear! ^5 #
  • Maybe "social media" is 90% anti-social scam; folk celebrate the fact of facelessly "Liking" or +ing …. the worst sort of reductionism. #
  • You don't stand up to bullies. And you don't want us to stand against Taliban. You really are failed as body politic. #
  • Sandusky uncovers a nasty conspiracy (He did nothing wrong, according to his statements.) and Romney identifies PBS as a massive threat. #
  • "Capitalism produces choice of producers." F'ing bullshit. Just look at big pharma. Aren't you tired of swallowing lies? I mean really. #
  • Who is Mitt Romney, really? He's whoever he needs to be to curry power and favor. You feel okay about that? FFS … #
  • Romney's in so many ways the perfect GOP candidate: fundamentally unprincipled. #
  • @LifeAligned The way this thread snapped is paradigmatic. Perhaps +Protension is just a piece of fluff? in reply to LifeAligned #
  • My America cousins are endless source of sadness. They vote for O and "change", then reward GOP for sabotaging that project. Such a sad folk #
  • Maybe Romney isn't just the perfect GOP candidate. Maybe perfect PotUS for American people: ideals and principles bedamned, gimme money. #
  • What I studied for years: how tens of billions of dollars are spent each year on pet care products. And candy. Check it out … do. #
  • Decriminalizing marijuana would save billions in costs, save thousands of jobs blighted by criminal records, castrate drug cartels … no go #
  • Sad to see Twitter DM fall apart. I send 3 DM, recipient says he sees 7. Previous 4 hadn't been notified. And they're dated last December! #
  • Anyone have access to PsycLit? Do me a kindness: see if there are results for "discourse variance". Google is dumb. #
  • Being a "grown up" and being an "adult". Same thing? How about "reacting" and "responding", same? Sad, watching death of culture. #
  • #Dharma – Not having received transmission I've been kind of stuck. But in "Lamp for the Path" I find "Union of Insight and Means". EMaHo! #

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