BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-10

  • If you encounter a really nasty bully, think of the dozens and dozens of people who previously indulged and tolerated or just ignored. #borg #
  • After decades I'm losing steam. Others' constant pandering for RT and "like" is sucking my will to live. Such a pathetic culture. #
  • @coffeepartyusa Only a fool gets ahead of the electorate. And the electorate is as though brain-damaged. in reply to coffeepartyusa #
  • IMF comments that the world economy is stumbling. Not doubt right-wing ass-hats will blame that on Obama's policies. #
  • @davegray #Techne Heidegger's essays on technology are pret'near a must read. #Praxis in reply to davegray #
  • Psychopaths are masters at exploiting personality defects. Just look at ring-wing conspiracy theorists: deceit, deception, specious logic… #
  • Ad on right-wing nutters TV show: "You chose to stay true to your roots and create your own values." Uhhh … excuse me? F'ing nutters. #
  • @davegray "Question Concerning Technology" is more correct, but "essays on technology" will get you lots of results. in reply to davegray #
  • @davegray What he was exploring wass /*yoiks!*/ in my words, the relationship between abstract knowledge and technology i.e. real-izing. in reply to davegray #
  • @davegray My fave context: understanding how a tube works (i.e. a "valve" as Brits call it) then transistor is merely variation on a theme. in reply to davegray #
  • @davegray p.s. for me PERT and Gant were quantum, where word processing was not. Oh, and spreadsheet likewise: breakthrough thinking. in reply to davegray #
  • @davegray For decades after Gutenberg no books had page numbers. And then came ToC. And then index. And the footnotes. And then ;-) in reply to davegray #
  • @LifeAligned Actually a series of 140 is precisely what I mourn. Folk think of that as though some peak achievement. EMail or IRC far better in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned In effect the same as "damned with faint praise". A string of bumper-stickers grounding the energy and leaving nothing. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned That all need discourse is ridiculous. That none … I call that the death of culture. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned I don't know what "that" turned a corner. As for 200 or 300, I don't think you mean quantity = quality. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned p.s. in my discourse system I jokingly impose "42 words". But of course nobody laughs, because nobody bothers thinking. HeyHo in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned Simplest: "like" or + or RT suffices because … why? how? except that really nobody has anything worth saying. Doom. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned BTW "serial partial attention" … I call that a disease. But I'm sure psychopaths world-round celebrate the phenomenon. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned Or maybe it's "constant partial attention" … since the buzz phrase matters so much more than the actuality. #borg #pathology in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned BTW back-channel I'm watching the NYYankees, listening to a radio documentary on War of 1812, and preparing to bottle beer. heh in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned heehee … wielding a yumi, there is never other than 1 thought in mind. Wielding a katana, the entire cosmos is at hand. heh in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned GPlus +Protension, if you will. _Hasta_ in reply to LifeAligned #
  • I'm still partial to football, but watching a good baseball game really is a pleasure. #
  • Has Nietzsche's writing played a role in your life? How about Fromm? so why the hell would I have bothered. W'n culture is brain-dead. #
  • #Gamification Would you team up with your friends to tear down false knowledge about, say, global warming? or against gays' marriage rights? #
  • What's community? It's where you aren't required to maintain deception and false front. Where open authenticity is an option. (Next Q?) #
  • @davegray Snooped and found this: < Realized I hadn't used poeisis in my pitch! ;p in reply to davegray #
  • @PnP_CBC re: HuaWei – cannot possible divorce the company from national interests. p.s. your tweet stream is stale; say something! #
  • Social buzz about Justin Trudeau? Indeed. For my part: I've been dreading hearing about him, and then hearing even more about him. #
  • @ryderjaphy Avoid/reject, apply anti-dotes, transform … so lucky we are, to have different means and teachings for different persons. in reply to ryderjaphy #
  • "majority in Canada see income inequality as "serious problem", want to see government-led solutions to ending it." < #

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