BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-09

  • @pietrosperoni Ah, operational metaphor/simile. "Like", + and RT are as poll responses. "Discourse" (as I see it) is as focus group product. in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • @thezachmaginnis The water we feel so easy about wasting is tens of thousands of years old. Older. in reply to thezachmaginnis #
  • @waxpancake Good on yuh. But beware: very seductive hobby / habit. cc: @TMFSpeck in reply to waxpancake #
  • @kim heh … _double entendre_ in reply to kim #
  • #NFL – Brees throws 2nd TD of the game. OMG those NO receivers are voodoo good. #
  • Good lord NO receivers are sick. #NFL #
  • @sammartino Gangnam Style come to mind? cc: @eprenen in reply to sammartino #
  • "Mob Doctor" … I was just thinking: encountering conservatives publicly, I'm always amazed how dishonest they are. To friends, to enemies. #
  • Tainted beef recall grows yet.again … time for more cutbacks in inspection? Gawd conservatives are ignorant. #
  • Bush made up reasons to attack Iraq, Romney bases his economics on magic beans, Harper doesn't care about consequences. #Ideology #
  • The Religious Right in USofA is a disease. Did you know that O's "Muslim advisors" blocked access to WH for Jews and Christians? Me neither. #
  • Can't recall just who, but one #NFL RB yesterday has 4yrs on the field and a total of 0 fumbles. It's an individual thing. #CFL #
  • CFL – Is why I always, always, always play Defense: gotta luv taking points away. hooa #WPG #
  • A long long time ago I concluded that writing would just add to the thrash. Decided to go double or nothing. So I come away w/nothing. HeyHo #
  • "I like this, therefor it's good" isn't unique to right-wing troglodytes. Opportunistic "progressives" are a blight on body politic. #
  • Just another mindless day for you? "Counting the Cost – Who stole the American Dream?" > < (YouTube 25mins) #
  • Give things, for what? "Nice" people routinely surrender their integrity for the consumer life. Hell-realm world is on its way. Thanks? No. #
  • In my 40yrs of activism I've seen it countless times: folk offer support … conditional only on collusion and mutual affirmation. #borg #
  • @Naljorpa108 That link is 404 here. in reply to Naljorpa108 #
  • Congrats #WPG #CFL #
  • @Naljorpa108 cheers > < in reply to Naljorpa108 #
  • #USPS Priority International is bullshit. $25 for a book … left 2 weeks ago … tracking shows left LA 10 days ago. Fucking thieves. #
  • Yuppies kidz have learned to take pride in cutting corners. 80/20 "release fast; release often" low-hanging fruit. Our culture is doomed. #
  • I always get a great deal of pleasure from watching someone beat Toronto. #CFL #
  • hoooa Saskatchewan! #CFL #
  • "media's obsession with social media had reached "idol-worshipping proportions."" > < (HuffPost) #

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