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  • @pietrosperoni Yes, RT and + and Like is core. But what I see is a slide down towards that and no more. "Bumper sticker politics". in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • @brianbreslin If I had comedic talent I might be able to spin up a joke on how certain troglodyte behaviors make me intolerant. HeyHo in reply to brianbreslin #
  • Tricky, trying to deal with taboo. Red-neck righties glory in it, while decent folk pretend there's nothing wrong. #
  • "Like" and + and RT actually reduce the individual. Discourse easily expands on the personal, the person's story. But no interest! #
  • The #pathology I've been struggling against for 40yrs can be summed up: you want folk to Follow you, to Like you. I want folk to think. #
  • @pietrosperoni Reminded myself of 1976, realizing that enlisting people, recruiting them as members is the least positive outcome. #autonomy in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • When membership in a group or movement reduces your personal responsibility … is that seen as a positive? Yes. Is it positive? Not a bit. #
  • @MattDuniganTSN heh … paparazzi on the set! in reply to MattDuniganTSN #
  • @gruber I don't think @Jack_Welch's blurt is trivial. A cultural disposition to fiction from someone with history of heavy lifting? Scary. in reply to gruber #
  • @drgrist This was the issue I cut my teeth on in the 70s. That and apartheid. in reply to drgrist #
  • "Like" and + and RT are worth the effort these gestures require, i.e. very very little. Yet folk lust for them, and celebrate. #MereMadness #
  • Gotta say BC plays real pretty football. #CFL #
  • "'Gangnam Style' now most-liked video in YouTube history" > < (Guinness World Records) #
  • "Gangnam Style" breaks all records for popularity. That could tell you something about "Like" and + … if you didn't plug your ears. #
  • heh I guess Calgary deserves TD now and again. #CFL #
  • Pretty game. Lotsa classy key plays. Gotta luv it. #CFL #
  • When folk romanticize gang bangers, biker types … do they not know that these are cheats, liars and bullies? or is that the thrill? #
  • @CatholicismUSA Have a look a basic social justice issues, specifics like children growing up in poverty. Data. Facts. Reality. #sanity in reply to CatholicismUSA #
  • @CatholicismUSA Have you read Kant on peace? Waging economic warfare destabilizes human community. Like poisoning wells. #debt in reply to CatholicismUSA #
  • The young asshole who ruined my evening y'day: so righteous, so sensitive to offense. Yet offensive at every turn. Like right-wing. #Madness #
  • Big Bird making an appearance on SNL. heh #
  • @pietrosperoni Yes. What I looked into (long before + and Like and RT) was how that valence is /opening/ to discourse. Primitive/primary. in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • Bill O'Reilly banging the drum for "I make my own way!" … "robust capitalism" rather than West European "socialism". Cocky. #
  • @IdeaGov Straight out of West Wing. ;-) in reply to IdeaGov #
  • @theonlyadult The GOP's line is simple: until/unless there is 2nd Coming, everything is evidence that liberalism is false and wrong-headed. in reply to theonlyadult #
  • @pietrosperoni Problem: stupification of the commons. I should be able to use Hesse's "glass bead game" as rich metaphor. But it fails. in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • @MindDeep We spend so many hours "just sitting" with the knowledge that insight takes only a moment. ;-) in reply to MindDeep #
  • @dzigarkongtrul I've always called it "authentic presence in the moment". That doesn't capture popular imagination. KyeHo in reply to dzigarkongtrul #
  • @Borthwick Dangerously foolish formulation, expressing the brown-shirt version of group-think. Clarfy please. cc: @jayrosen_nyu in reply to Borthwick #
  • @pietrosperoni #ImplicitKnowledge – see "No, you’re not entitled to your opinion" > < via @Borthwick @jayrosen_nyu in reply to pietrosperoni #
  • In most situations "yes man" is taken not as a positive. But with "social" media mere "Like" or + or RT is as though golden. #Variance #

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