BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-03

  • #UpTick – Manufacturers' orders up from AUG; industrial actiity up from AUG. GOP sabotage is failing. #
  • BTW I've been a huge fan of small firm manufacturing my whole life. In US, 500K jobs go un-filled. Yuppie sensibilities and greed. #
  • A new formulation for me: "Those who really care about personality politics are those I truly dislike. So I'm pretty much screwed." heh #
  • @jamiebillingham That tweet from me? That came from revisiting what I was thinking mid-70s. Profit as end in itself => SNAFU. #SocialPsych in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @JamieBillingham In my experience good folk like @DonIveson are truly too busy for oblong pegs like me. It's up to you and @ThoughtStream. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham p.s. mention of @doniveson et al flashed me back to pondering, "How would this make CJ Cregg's day easier and better?" ;-) in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham Anecdotally, few yrs back Mayor Stephen Mandel opted to not attend a national mayors conference; lots of talk w/o product. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham And there we go. Personally I have often said that folk are //simply too busy//. But that's where dharma comes in. :-) in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham War story: couldn't get engineers to spend 30minutes learning macros that would save them 3hrs each week w/better results. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham Loved it truly. But it was … fantasy. From 1st and 2nd hand personal experience I know that the reality is more cynical. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham #CogPsych #UX – "Let me use the tools I know"; folk want predictable outcomes. They get burned, conned, manipulated … in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham I love work. Period. Exercising craft and skill. #Zen For me "toil" is playing the social game. #realpolitik cc: @hjarche in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham psssssst … just 'tween you, me, and the doorpost: have you watched "Big Bang Theory?" huh huh … dialog! haaa! in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • "Counting the Cost – Who stole the American Dream?" > < (YouTube 25mins) #
  • @hjarche Hi there Harold! Say, what's that quasi-mystical movement… charismatic figure… talked about "the work"? cc: @jamiebillingham in reply to hjarche #
  • Who, exactly, are Republicans painting as villains? "Who Pays No Income Tax" #
  • Americans are more tolerant of economic inequality than others. Maybe cuz those Americans understand neither economics nor justice. #borg #
  • @JohnFMoore You heard about anti-Buddhist riots in Bangladesh? 1 Buddhist posted 1 anti-Muslim picture on FB and /*flash*/. in reply to JohnFMoore #
  • When I say I don't like my cohort, I mean I think them traitors against the human race. Not really a joke. At all. Not a bit. Really. #borg #
  • @hjarche I will. Remind you. If I remember. ;-) 'nite in reply to hjarche #
  • @jamiebillingham Boy I can't remember the last time I followed a good drama. Maybe MI-5? Weak tea compared to West Wing, but w/some quality. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • I wonder: folk in #CSIS have a sense of history? Long before I had even heard of ComRsch I did jump training w/thoughts of forward intel. #
  • It seems to me that HR and such like folk are designed to isolate doers from actual innovation … imposed stupidity. #
  • @jamiebillingham Breaking Bad was awful entertaining, in a pulp fiction sorta way. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy That idea coincides with the over-arching game-plan i.e. maximize rate of profit regardless of long-term consequences. #piracy in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • Dear American workers – Year after year you increase productivity. You haven't gotten your share of profits. What, you like being robbed?! #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy Haaa! What shall we choose: human beings are innately inept, stupid, and incompetent? or sometimes dishonest and corrupt? ;p in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy Same choice, diff motive: those are situational, so can improve (or worsen). Ain't no cure for stuhpud ;) cheers in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • @kayak234 Sorry, I don't understand how "to create existence" relates to URL on Twitter profile. in reply to kayak234 #
  • "ADHD Clinical Practice Points – After 6 years of frustrated advocacy at last a small victory over Big Pharma" > < #
  • Harper Conservatives have 1 agenda: to show that federal government cannot be effective. Not with F-35, not with tainted beef. #GOP #
  • According to Conservative hack it's irresponsible to put tainted beef into context with history of food inspection. Ring-wingers are ASS. #

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