BenTrem tweeted on 2012-10-04

  • Pennsylvania Republicans STRAIGHT UP LIE about history of voting abuse, to push through ID requirements. Such assholes they are! #
  • @deviniyer G'day – I've been hammering that since mid-70s. Nobody much cares. It's a 20/80 issue; doesn't benefit from #AttentionEconomy in reply to deviniyer #
  • @deviniyer p.s. decades in harness; I'm ready to clamber onto my blue ox and disappear into the setting sun. I might do a KickStart finale. in reply to deviniyer #
  • Auto-sales up over last year; house values up over last year. GOP sabotage didn't work. #
  • What I said in '84: reefs are indicators of ocean health. Great Barrier … 50% has disappeared. 80% in Caribbean. Woe … woe and doom. #
  • @1_eddie If you haven't yet watched "Century of the Self" a) I scold you, and b) URL on request. cc: @Ziggy_Daddy in reply to 1_eddie #
  • "The Meaning of Civility" > < (Conflict Research Consortium) #
  • #YEG "ETS Bus bike rack demos" > < Friday, south of Whyte on 99th #
  • Funny how the personal becomes political. When we deny our own failings the stories we come up with create cover for the real villains. #
  • @deviniyer I was impressed by how "poverty mentality" leads to insatiable greed / consumerism. #HungryGhosts in reply to deviniyer #
  • That cheap thrill that comes from snubbing someone? That's the ego boost low-life gate-keepers get. #Innovation #
  • @joshmull O's a b-ball player. Expect some head fakes as he feeds Romney enough rope to trip himself up. #JustGuessing in reply to joshmull #
  • "Dragons' Den" … "This is the real thing" they say. High-fashion salon for pets. FFS #
  • The problem I see in Friedman's "The World We’re Actually Living In"? > < Romneyites won't read it; it convinces nobody #
  • #Email #Fraud – Just got a very legitimate looking scam email. If you're a #CIBC customer, FWD these to < #
  • @OccupyWallSt We as citizens are not required to be politically sophisticated. But losing common sense, that's epidemic. And not accidental. in reply to OccupyWallSt #
  • @deviniyer Thinking about what you said. I can imagine a world of relative plenty without justice … kind of like a feed lot. #Compliance in reply to deviniyer #

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