BenTrem tweeted on 2012-08-22

  • @jfedor Nope. I just appreciated he fact that they made the effort to let us know. in reply to jfedor #
  • #WordPress – Really? WYSIWIG strips the space after </a> just cuz it wants to? Good lord … I've been complaining about the editor for yrs #
  • If I were cruel I'd wish my yuppie cohort felt guilt for their bloody-minded ineptitude. But that would be crushing for them. #
  • Footage of South African police gunning down 34 mine workers. An anti-union slaughter > < #
  • //If// someone should happen to pay attention to what I'm saying about participation, they would merely apply it. "Collaboration" is myth. #
  • This "social media" meat market is foreign to me. I do real tech. Re-inventing in order to possess is ignorant. Worse. #
  • Test #
  • Test #
  • How to check your real social status: write something that isn't perfectly clear. Do folk ignore/turn away? or inquire into your meaning? #
  • The intense dedication towards democratic ideals and "the emancipation project" I felt as a very young man in (cont) #
  • – snapped this while waiting for a bus, checking "shortcuts" in my phone. nifty! #
  • RT @davos – "7 billion people are sharing the Earth. It is time to redesign and innovate." #WEF < cc: @jamiebillingham #
  • @init2 Fascinatin' stuff; was just writing about "Transactional analysis". But … how is that "recursive" in any way? cc: @mike_acton in reply to init2 #
  • The hot-shots in my "cohort" are too sharp for me to out-wit. They're inclined to rob me blind. So: /how/ to proceed? bcc: @JamieBillingham #
  • #Design – Knowing the "what" is sometimes sufficient to derive the "how". But key … catalytic … is the "why". Self-interest has karma. #
  • @themindfullife Well now see I'm not likely to encourage / recommend / indulge idiot compassion. But the alternative is honey-coated razor. in reply to themindfullife #
  • A philosophy of leadership and practice that values strategies of courage, compassion and wisdom-directed action" > < #
  • "The Citizen Guide is a collaboration of E-thepeople and over one hundred news affiliates across the country." > < #
  • Very nice presentation by @OpenTeams of a complex system: < cc: @JamieBillingham #

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