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  • I've had 1 job that wasn't tech: bought a taxi. Apart from that, developed real aversion to charming, schmoozing, careerist manager types. #
  • @IdeaGov Rhetorical question, right? But when we look into it … #SociaPsych in reply to IdeaGov #
  • @IdeaGov BTW a concept/term I encountered once, an Australian study into attitudes towards race … cleverly designed: discourse variance. in reply to IdeaGov #
  • @IdeaGov p.s. I think "discourse analysis" in soc-psych owes a lot to the transactional analysis of the "I'm Okay, You're Okay" era. in reply to IdeaGov #
  • #CFL – NFL had/has bounty on hurting guys; we have some sorta bounty on returning missed field-goals?! hooa! #
  • @JohnBoik IIRC there's strong indication of that in the opening sequence. And, perhaps, closing credits. Yes indeed … #AttentionEconomy in reply to JohnBoik #
  • @jamiebillingham Oh ok. Wasn't sure you had seen replies / am accustomed to "Eeew, this guy runs his mouth!" Point: that problematic is key. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • See, it's actually very simple: #AttentionEconomy is about schmooze and bla-blah. Mutual admiration. Solve a key problem? /*shrug*/ #
  • @JohnBoik BTW: "how they obtained funding?" Hence my comment "folk lose interest when it comes to making it so". in reply to JohnBoik #
  • @jfouts Your take making sense, Janet. Even with alt apps, over time I now default to web. cc: @SteveCassady @jamiebillingham @sourcePOV in reply to jfouts #
  • New to you? "A leaderless but powerful network is working to bring about radical change" Marilyn Ferguson's "Aquarian Conspiracy" #
  • "Dieppe Unconvered" … turns out our boys were on a smash&grab aimed at Nazi Naval HQ. Not the pointless experiment we'd always thought! #
  • p.s. sure wish I could tell you what I know from my experience with Enigma … but can't. Wheels within wheels! (That's a joke. heh) #
  • "a radicalism that understands that the real problem is … how to get people to live and work synergically together" #
  • @thoughtstream In the 70s I worked on "myth busting" on policy issues, tactic: systematically address worst falsehoods, like aggregation. in reply to thoughtstream #
  • @thoughtstream In 90s, instead of infinite # of "opinions", see it as variants of smaller set <> < in reply to thoughtstream #
  • @thoughtstream BTW when a system privileges tec-savvy intellectuals its success very effectively reinforces the dominant paradigm. Win? in reply to thoughtstream #
  • @thoughtstream p.s. is why I keep going back to Paulo Freire. Winning in #AttentionEconomy != success. in reply to thoughtstream #
  • @ushahidi Thanks, but I was asking about the Twitter account. in reply to ushahidi #
  • FF is nice enough for surfing. Don't try it for serious work … any number of stupid #regressions (Kids don't much care about quality!) #
  • What hi-tech taught me: hard part is the specify the problem operationally. I mean clearly. I mean very clearly. Bla-blah doesn't value that #
  • @TweakTown I click the UnSubscribe link in your email and I'm redirected to your homepage. Just unsubsribe me, ok? Just that. #
  • @TheBuddhaNature Very difficult to talk about the Great Perfection … most folk are so stressed. in reply to TheBuddhaNature #
  • @umairh AFAIK the point of wealth is to secure the wealthy individual, and nothing more than that. Greater health doesn't factor in. in reply to umairh #
  • Say you come across a fine article that shows how to dogs are larcenous and most folk, unindicted co-conspirators. So what? 1 more web link. #
  • Anybody know who writes for "Big Bang Theory"? Gawwwd they really nail some of those lines! #
  • I often slam my cohort by dissing "yuppies' kidz" … but it's solid: They've come to believe that snarky asshole is adaptive. #
  • @nationalpost "I sincerely regret having been so frank about my views of women. It won't happen again." Like that? cc: @CathyNDavidson in reply to nationalpost #
  • @anildash "Processing" … you mean tone control? AVC? I know of no such. (I've started working with jPlayer. From the jQuery bunch). in reply to anildash #
  • Oh, right: we need to buy stuff to put in our eyes. Cuz they're dry. And dry mouth. Gotta buy stuff for that, too. Yuppies and their kidz. #
  • @thoughtstream Imagine a transactional primitive fitting your needs/requirement, as well as @GSiemens and @SamaraCDA. #Glasperlenspiel :-) in reply to thoughtstream #
  • Imagine 2 workshops: 1 was engaging and entertaining and fun and … well … produced nothing much, in the end. Who would care about #2 ! #
  • Trust PM Harper to screw the environment: minister announces Enbridge pipeline will be approved, and studies done //after/. Conservative?! #
  • @TweakTown I click UnSubscribe in EMail, I get your homepage. Later I get email: Confirmation? That gives me homepage. Again. Poor practice. #
  • 2 potatos, baked. Cream cheese / cottage cheese / green onion / green pepper / garlic. The way folk throw money around is obscene. #
  • @ezraklein Forensic logic / propositional analysis … so nice to see that //somebody// isn't insane. cheers in reply to ezraklein #

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