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  • You're so dishonest. You so skilfully say what I actually mean. My cohort. Yuppies. Just die. STFU (you've never spoken truth.) and die. #
  • @bronwen Some link to the actualities might help, nae? Is this the moment for subjective narrative? holy fuck … so mindless … in reply to bronwen #
  • C'mon get real: you don't care about licking dick and kissing ass: popularity is your God. How fucked are you. I say again: how /fucked/? #
  • @nza1 Lemme guess: something Twitter confirmed for you that this sorta thing was sage. Or clever. Or wise. Or … you're simply delusional. in reply to nza1 #
  • @jonnywired Enh … a Kennedy kid might think that wise. No edge. Nothing cutting. Nothing trenchant. Entirely deniable. Like I say … in reply to jonnywired #
  • @jonnywired BTW I've had a coupla poor rich kidz in my life. Yaa yaa, got the logic. Being right is always the point. Fuck you. cc: @berkun in reply to jonnywired #
  • @mlane heh after Chile I stepped away from tech and spent a while doing lights/sounds in theatre. Wish I could have trusted culture. in reply to mlane #
  • @bronwen Since zero of the 140 I wrote conveyed anything at all, shall I buy into fascist yuppie-dumb with "Oh, sorry?" .. shake your head. in reply to bronwen #
  • @berkun " When in doubt your mind." And that's the problematic. How we /twitch/ under threat is en-grained. Hence compassion. in reply to berkun #
  • @berkun Tweeting while listening is somehow ironic? Yes: the intelligentsia I'm confronted with are literally stupid. HeyHo. @akacolleen in reply to berkun #
  • @akacolleen Are you all brain damaged? Your asshole culture! Dig: STFU = stop interrupting. You can't dig that? #fucked cc: @berkun in reply to akacolleen #
  • Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, we can in fact have a clear and effective exchange of opinion. We can. What you say is wrong. You're fucked. #
  • The sickest part of my last 2 decades: I played it as though the spawn of my fuckwad yuppie cohort might have something to say. HeyHo … #
  • Just to be clear: you couldn't out-think me at my most tired, most drunken moment. Well yes of course you could out-talk me … that's duhh #
  • There is no good to be done. I'm sorry. You /are/ the cesspool. #
  • @bronwen – You wrote "Sorry?" but then Blocked me. Do you realize that Block is FOREVER? yrs and yrs and decades? Yuppies' kidz. Fucked. #
  • "Oh I don't like what he said … I don't think I want to ever, ever have any evidence of his existence." That's my cohort's kidz. #
  • Oh, BTW you lazy twatz: on my watch we tore apartheid down, brick by brick. On your watch SA cops slaughter mine workers. Sux to live w/you #
  • Here's a kicker: I //turned away// from the technology you hone. Are you whores? no? You pimps? No? Oh, you really? Ever heard of honesty? #
  • C'mon, it's simple: you suck up. You kiss ass. I never did. You never liked me. You mind-fuck me. I don't mind-fuck anyone. Period. D'uhh… #
  • What you've taught me, over these decades: "Oh gee, I'm not happy. I shall act like a member of the SS, and fuck whoever anyhow, anytime." #
  • @jannarden Yaa, but I talked about the closing song from "Away From Her" and got no reply so … hey, just like all these years. Alberta sux in reply to jannarden #
  • @SenatorLudlam "corrupted nerd"? WTF does that mean … excuse to get away from //corrupt// nerd? What a wanker you are. Read a fucking book in reply to SenatorLudlam #
  • @AJStream such a dumb-ass question. No … good question: how totally lame-ass you are to have asked it. in reply to AJStream #
  • heehee @bronwen tthe folk at @Twitter are your sort of folk. I can see your "Sorry?" but Not allowed" to see the thread. Yuppie fascists. #
  • @bingofuel I'm not real well disposed towards #YEG at the moment. Storms should be a moment of sanity. Lke the bars on Whyte: insanity. in reply to bingofuel #
  • When now and then I catch a glimpse of my culture, of my music and literature and drama … I remind myself that you are fascist swine. #
  • I'm crude? my brothers and my wife, like their kidz: mean, nasty mind-fuckers., What else is there to say? Mean and nasty. So go ahead: win. #
  • @Zen_Moments But you see (pretending for a moment that you pay attention to replies, which you don't) this line puts down stillness. #bot in reply to Zen_Moments #
  • You have lost belief in honest acknowledgment. So, as whores, you scramble for this and that. Sad, nae? #
  • "When Citizens Sharpen Pencils to Set Budget Priorities" > < h/t Tim Bonneman (@planspark) #ParticipatoryBudgeting #
  • @digiphile I'm just about to tweet Paul Ryan's "We don't want gov't to be in charge. We want people to be in charge." Diagnosis? @edyson in reply to digiphile #
  • @digiphile Phew! Good to know universal laws of physics haven't been repealed after all! ;-) in reply to digiphile #
  • "Technology’s Mental Frontier" by @edyson > < "perhaps biggest challenge of all is short-term thinking" h/t @digiphile #
  • "You don’t have to like or admire someone to feel compassion for that person; wish for that person to be happy" –Thanissaro Bhikkhu #
  • Thanissaro Bhikkhu, "Head & Heart Together" > < #
  • Dear #conservative – You talk about wanting things run by individuals. I applaud that. But you play a shell game: corporations run things! #
  • "The One Percent: Breaking Down US Wealth Distribution; illustrated guide to income in the US" #
  • @digiphile BTW @InfoMgmtExec and @jamet123 emph'd a nice distinction: decision support (enabling person) and d management (automatic, yes?) in reply to digiphile #
  • @InfoMgmtExec @jamet123 We (avionics R&D) had to choose design for self-diagnostics; chose "expert system" rather than AI. cc: @digiphile in reply to digiphile #
  • Kidding, right? "It appears you are attempting to use Amazon Cloud Player outside U.S. This service is intended for U.S. customers only." #
  • @sublimehq Hi. I'm here! After yrs & yrs using such as TextPad. Q: RFEs on little things like how Themes are listed? Going to your site now. #
  • @amazon You display EMail in an email field on profile? Without any obfuscation? in clear? Are you //kidding me//?! I'm shocked … #
  • @AnonPsyOps It's hard to be radical / critical without losing that solidarity. And then empathy. And then compassion. cc: @_AlienNation_ in reply to AnonPsyOps #
  • "Advertisers are looking [to] reach specific groups; social networks and web-native publishers are better" > < GigaOM #

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