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  • @RedScareBot Say, what you think of "If you are not with us, you are against us"; that communist? or fascist? #sophistry cc: @Blazingcatfur in reply to RedScareBot #
  • Guys like @EzraLevant are so depressing. Always straining to present 1/2 of things. Twist history and reduce people. Stupification as trade. #
  • @ezralevant "Tolerant Left" using "gay" as insult? The sort of thing you would exaggerate, and amplify, and distort. Hateful little man … in reply to ezralevant #
  • "Not knowing" can be open, like fallow ground. "Ignorance" tends towards defensiveness, dishonesty. More like dry, stony ground. #borg #
  • @NellaLou 80/20 is all about making the most of easy answers … "low hanging fruit" etcetera. And it wins! #ROI in reply to NellaLou #
  • @awrd Damn, that's really sad. in reply to awrd #
  • @geekwithsoul A look at the life of a grizzly in the area around a national partk. Sad story. > < cc: @PBSNature in reply to geekwithsoul #
  • Simplest reason homo sapiens pushed cromagnon back? Cromagnon were "rugged individualists". We had culture; the social stuff of community. #
  • @NellaLou Oh my, golly shucks … "never/always" will get you suicidal. FWIW CBS on Abramoff: < Mere honesty. in reply to NellaLou #
  • @NellaLou p.s. "glib" is tightly coupled to clever … smart and witty. Short-term, perhaps, but not so much "stupid". cheers in reply to NellaLou #
  • #YEG #ESKS – "Green&Gold Gridiron" on at 7PM … hope to diagnose offense. (That's Shaw cable 10.) #
  • #YEG What do we know less about, Esks offensive collapse? or rolling black-outs? I'd go with black-out. HEY! What's the story?!! #
  • OMG, lost my mind somewhere. I was channel flipping between "Two and a Half Men" and "Big Bang Theory"! #
  • @motownmutt I'm afraid something fundamental has shifted. I suspect it has something to do with Jon Stewart's humour, but one never knows. in reply to motownmutt #
  • @motownmutt Know what? I only got cable recently. Was hellacious TV junky as a kid but /*shrug*/ had always felt cable was like a tax. #old in reply to motownmutt #
  • Check my work: as communications have improved, more folk shout out … but fewer people call. Conversation is dying. Discourse? Worse. #
  • @UpayaChaplains Having moved to N Alberta from Halifax NS I feel like I've moved into a cave. HeyHo, time for chod! :-) cc: @jhalifax in reply to UpayaChaplains #
  • @leobard Leo – I've continued work developing my "discourse-based decision support system", so survey offerings such as @Refinder in reply to leobard #
  • "quarter of financial executives believed that unethical or illegal conduct might be required" > < #yuppies #
  • It's so painfully simple: neurotic behaviour /activity give rise to consequences/situations that are neuroticizing. Vicious, yaa? #dharma #
  • @leobard At the moment I'm more likely to respond on one of your blog posts, Leo. Still spidering! in reply to leobard #
  • @leobard FWIW Tags and categories and all that? Been watching it since day 1. Great way of finding lots of fuzzy stuff. But not more. in reply to leobard #
  • @leobard My first #taxonomy project was on a public policy resource library. 1976. "Tags" are playthings; fun, but not more. @Refinder in reply to leobard #
  • "problem is the fearful silence of the workforce which knows what is going wrong but is afraid to speak up" > < #borg #
  • Ohhh boy, y'day physicists talking about holographic reality, now this: "Meaningful Correlations in Random Data" > < #
  • @leobard Bingo! And, if we were looking at work-flow (Does anyone use UML these days?) I could point at lacuna. :-) cc: @Refinder in reply to leobard #
  • @Refinder What came to mind after reading your PDF: < cc: @LeoBard #

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