BenTrem tweeted on 2012-07-14

  • @stoweboyd "Growth promoters" being double-speak for "normally animals in those septic situations would succumb, waste away, and die". in reply to stoweboyd #
  • #CFL – Sucks to be #Calgary #
  • @grist I've seen some straight razors that were absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. If you happen to be a hardware geek. And hey, 1 more knack! in reply to grist #
  • @ProPublica FYI just posted about ethics in the trenches: < (HuffPost) in reply to ProPublica #
  • #CFL – Watch the replays and you'll see that Calvillo was holding his left elbow in when winding up … disturbs his delivery. #
  • Dear @Twitter @Support – I'm looking at /account/notifications/ and I don't see "X folk have Tweets for you" selected. Don't be PITA. Don't. #
  • @Twitter @Support – I just unselected "Email me about updated services and features". Happier now? /*geesch folk, really*/ #
  • @cfl_esks Hope y'all watching MTL work while QB has wounded wing. Fundamentals, yaa? ^5 in reply to cfl_esks #
  • @neilhimself BTW ever looked into wearing stone or gems at throat chakra? Not advised. I'm not big on metal, either. (2 bears teeth at mine) in reply to neilhimself #
  • 3 downs is t.h.e shiet. #CFL #
  • When it comes to N/S, S is very rarely a great idea. "Reculler pour mieux sauter" yaa yaa yaaa. #CFL #
  • @cfl_esks p.s. re: Alouettes – Didn't say the old man was winning. Suggested he knew how to move the ball. Ayep … #
  • "Time to ReFocus" – "#ESK fans are still trying to figure out what exactly happened in Regina …" > < via @cfl_esks #
  • #CFL – "Was it a TD?" His feet were in when he caught the ball. And gained control. But //did the ball break the plane?// Answer: yes. heh #
  • #CFL Ok, we've all heard "game of inches" a thousand times. But this one came down to a game of fractional seconds! Worth every penny. ^5 #
  • @The_Water_Party RFE: you have to pump "social", of course. Especially to start. So: balance by pumping out primo content. #
  • @The_Water_Party /*caff*/ "were civil and grateful as they did it"? Ummm … no? Founding Fathers and later were vicious. #
  • "Every fact you have comes with uncertainty." –Lisa Randall. Yaa, that … is why I keep coming back to #discourse #
  • @stoweboyd In typical feedlot situations the poor critters are chronically stressed, as well as being crowded. They're herd animals, but … in reply to stoweboyd #
  • #ESKS – Supper's cooked and ready to serve. Beer's chilling. We all set? #
  • @ryan_batty Heard the full context of that: he was saying his wife wanted a nice quiet off-season i.e. how to stay head down/popular. #Esks in reply to ryan_batty #
  • @campattendant Against Ray and Toronto (went w/bro and coupla nieces) was relaxed. Against SK too. Tonight? Yoiks, pre-game jitters! ;-) #

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