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  • All Star ball game – Most Americanized version of Oh Canada I've ever heard. Didn't like it. At all. It sucked. Bigtime. #
  • @amprog That's the thing about perturbing dynamically balanced systems: they restabilize in a radically new pattern. All bets are off. in reply to amprog #
  • @DanRatherReport I hope you take the ferry back, through the Channel Islands to Victoria. It's a gold mine … for resources. #PetroCurse in reply to DanRatherReport #
  • Public service scientists public demonstrate against Harper Gov't wilfull ignorance/deception. (I talk "evidence based decision support") #
  • @CommonSenseSoc I'm not anti-democratic, sorry. "Dumb" is a fixed condition. "Lazy" or "mislead" or "bummed out" is subject to change. in reply to CommonSenseSoc #
  • #Alberta – 32C in High Level area. We readyi for new records forest fires? #
  • #YEG – More blather from Energy Minister. Will investigate to "try and find out" what happened with rolling blackouts. Oh. Really. Well. Gee #
  • "If universities value Hayek or Friedman more highly than Woolf or Chekhov, we become barbarians." > < #
  • Est'd obesity rate 2020: over 40%. Don't be shocked, it's already over 30%. Oh BTW: folk killing themselves with jet skies, too. #borg #
  • @CommonSenseSoc What I learned: when I'm too bummed or pissed off to have a good attitude, the words I use habitually come to mind. ;-) in reply to CommonSenseSoc #
  • @phoneticsound /*blink*/ Your profile points to an entry in Indaba contest? That a typo? #
  • heh … I'd forgotten how much fun the characters in NCIS are. #
  • Wow … what I said about NCIS? Looks to me like NCIS: Los Angeles is total suckage. #
  • @matvic 80/20 … why bother improving things? #ROI cc: @scwink in reply to matvic #
  • @mikkelsvane Soooooo '95! in reply to mikkelsvane #
  • @motownmutt Could be cuz they had to pull another unit back earlier than scheduled. Could be. cc: @zerohedge in reply to motownmutt #
  • Dexter Filkins int'view w/Charlie Rose, on things Afghanistan. /*sigh*/ "We blew it." #
  • @motownmutt That's what I was doing for a living early 70s, watching the pieces move around the board. Can never know details til after. in reply to motownmutt #
  • @leobard Yes of course, Leo, would love to Skye. Or key, G+ Hangout. But will reread @Refinder site first; I still don't grok. ^5 in reply to leobard #
  • @jianghomeshi Fabulous. But, you know, looking at I don't see any coords or that? A snippet w/links pls. cc: @RichLouv in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • @leobard re: "Why?" and work-flow, this site is clear, for me: < cc: @Refinder in reply to leobard #
  • @Nigel_Shadbolt "Private discourse", indeed. I've busied myself with a "decision support system" that promotes "subjective narrative". in reply to Nigel_Shadbolt #
  • "what did CEO of Exxon Mobil, say on June 27, when almost 200 high temperature records were broken?" > < #Borg #
  • We kill our society slowly. Wild animals die quick. "All it takes is 1 mistake." > < Following Bear number 71. #
  • CBS 60 Minutes "Jack Abramoff: The lobbyist's playbook" > < The man talks about how the game works. #
  • What I learned from the hippie bus was that most of my cohort were worms. From my time in military: that yuppie worms ruin the whole planet. #
  • p.s. "yuppie" is a life-style and attitude, a world-view. It isn't a demographic. It's entirely optional. Have a thought sometime. #
  • The Real Battle 2012 and Beyond – "The larger battle is between regressives and progressives." > < @RBReich on HuffPost #
  • "San Bernardino bankruptcy: Residents shocked, uncertain about future" > < 3rd in CA this month; 8th in the nation #
  • American fundamentalists giving Melinda Gates a hard time because she supports family planning in Africa. Troglodytes. #
  • @Blazingcatfur Your tweet is misleading. What are you, a communist or something? in reply to Blazingcatfur #
  • @EzrazLevant – The Spanish war against Franco was "between communists and fascists"? You're a propagandist. A cheat. cc: @Blazingcatfur in reply to Blazingcatfur #

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