BenTrem tweeted on 2012-07-11

  • #YEG #EPCOR – Today was notRPTnot recording setting for consumption. So? So rolling blackouts required because of ineptitude. meh … #
  • "Some private-for-profit seniors care facilities are ripping off seniors, taxpayers, and staff for millions." > < #
  • @protopage HiYa – I'm bang up against the 2K Followers limit, so will reciprocate via @ITGeek. cheers! –ben #
  • @LeoBard – Enjoying your PDF. "High information density is the “new normal”" indeed! cc: @Protopage > < #
  • #YEG / #YYC – Rolling blackouts again today? Maybe. Because of high demand? Nope. Why? Nobody can say. #privatization #
  • #YEC Had to impose power blackouts because 4 generating plants were out. Oh? That's an explanation? #EPCOR #ENRON #privatization #
  • @cbcradio Um … I go to Schedule, and get Ottawa. No biggie; change to Edmonton. But then see that I'm getting info for Monday?! /*blink*/ #
  • @Firefox – Just reinstalled FlashPlayer, again. And restarted, again. And rebooted, again. And no Flash in FF14. Again. Good heavens. #
  • @Firefox – Oh, believe me, I know you're going to ignore me. Is why I gave up trying to help with Mozilla projects. 80 / 20. #
  • #YEG Had to impose power blackouts because 4 generating plants were out. Oh? That's an explanation? #EPCOR #ENRON #privatization #
  • #YEG #BlackOuts "Usage was NOT record high" "Usage was record high" "Gen plants went offline Monday" "Gen plants went off SUNDAY" #ENRON #
  • @dahowlett Of course the next question has to be How many parts left over? ;-) Enjoy! in reply to dahowlett #
  • #YEG Engy Mnstr says "Albertans should know the system reacted very well". Oh. And why 6 plants down? "I don't have that info but will ask". #
  • @kady You been hitting the teq again? ;p in reply to kady #
  • Basically, Alberta officials say "Oh STFU. Yes 6 plants down. Yes unannounced rolling blackouts. Shut up. Go back to work." #EPCOR #ENRON #
  • What I don't get about Higgs' field? Momentum. Inertia? Yaa, I can see that. But momentum … the field abhors Delta? #
  • @dahowlett Proof of the pudding … cook a meal and see what falls off. Or not. :-) cheers in reply to dahowlett #
  • @leobard No question, Leo. Same bewilderment as with NEPO: how's this fit into work flow? Hence my focus on Decision Support cc: @Protopage in reply to leobard #
  • @DavidMTaylor Good long interview: < I actually more/less gave up on that stuff; brain halted with guage theory. in reply to DavidMTaylor #
  • #YEG So, has anyone made any sense of the rolling blackouts? Everything I've heard so far has been double-talk. #EPCOR #ENRON #
  • @CommonSenseSoc Something like, yaa. I'm just wondering who's gonna profit by making this seem normal. in reply to CommonSenseSoc #

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