BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-22

  • @ourfounder … next: a real nice grade of incence. (Amazing how many people have never encoutered the fine stuff! It's like tea.) in reply to ourfounder #
  • @RYA_Mitchell Hi – Your nam popped up when I followed @SailX … RYA support virtual? (SailX got me started in this, after watching Volvo!) #
  • @sailx /*bing bing bing*/ Trying FB challenges; "Failed" doesn't clear with clicking [X] … reloading now. #
  • @sailx Can't DM you; you haven't reFollowed. FB game went into some sorta loop after re-starting Beginners. #
  • Aww geez, does nobody pay attention? Click "Home" on @Twitter web page and get tweets from 2hrs ago. Lord this 80/20 crap is depressing. #
  • Dear friends … try saying "Buddhism" as bud-ism … and not so much booo-dism. Please and thank you. namaste / tashi delek! KC: #dharma #
  • Check out @Revkin's "Our Common Vision;:The Future We Want" > < (SlideShare) #Rio20 #
  • /me sets aside large mug of Fail Whale Pale Ale #
  • @jianghomeshi OMG just this second heard Rick announce that. 1.5yr archive?! Wow. Will listen if I can find your essay. cc: @CBCDispatches in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • @Revkin Greets- Tried DLing Future We Want again. rev295thefuturewewant19june1230pm-120620091312-phpapp01.docx is no joy in OpenOffice. #
  • How to array unstructured information depends on use case. Just for fun rules. #AttentionEconomy swamps actual usefulness. Thus it is. #borg #
  • @drgrist What's the stock phrase … the "broken window" myth? You know, "breaking windows drives up GDP". Sick thinking. in reply to drgrist #
  • Android, iPhone/iPad: "illustrated guide to the Racing Rules of Sailing" > < cc: @SailX #
  • OK, this I don't like: week 2 of zero appetite. This is totally new for me. Something's not right. I don't like this a bit. #
  • @cbcasithappens At times like this I reserve the right to be biased / partial. /*Shhhhh!*/ cc: @EricSchmittNYT @nytimes in reply to cbcasithappens #
  • @Revkin Right. Anything less exotic than DOCX? I only use OpenOffice, so not up to speed on M$ software. (Gawd, 2012 and still this!) ^5 in reply to Revkin #

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