BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-23

  • @sailx HiYa – You getting notification of DM? There should be 2 waiting for you. Just doing a comms check, really. ^5 in reply to sailx #
  • Watching MI-5 on PBS. Have been keyboarding continuously for 13hrs. I shudda stayed with Intelligence … it was easier. Even with lousy pay #
  • @cameronreilly … something else is wrong. If you used PHPAdmin then … well, it looks to the database, doesn't it. Someone WP must know. in reply to cameronreilly #
  • Typical LinkedIn: EMail a list of groups to join. I click join. "This group has reached its maximum membership." 80/20 crap. #
  • @dominichills As a kid we had 1 jazz LP in the house. But it was Brubeck's Take Five! (I've fallen in love with Chet Baker's sound.) greets! in reply to dominichills #
  • @dominichills /me whispers, "In your own mind you are." Ain't I a bitch? ;p in reply to dominichills #

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