BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-21

  • @rockingjude "none of my search engines can find the server". I don't know what that means. And "soldiers link"; what soldiers link? in reply to rockingjude #
  • @sailx Tried to send you "lots of little glitches" feedback but /*yoiks!*/ feedback form is broken, too. good luck. #
  • @sailx p.s. Volvo just started on TV heh #
  • Such a joke: after having restarted, rebooted 3 times, Java finally works with Chrome. Now, w/Safari … "corrupted file" during install. #
  • Pathetic. Java is running on FF, and //finally// running on Chrome, but Safari insists it isn't insalled. 80/20 rampant … worse than '96. #
  • @sailx Hey there fellow! /me luvs small teams :-) I don't want to kwetch on Forums, but … lotsa little glitches. Glad to email. ^5 in reply to sailx #
  • @rockingjude I have no idea why your using a search engine. Total loss of sync. No idea what you're searching for. in reply to rockingjude #

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