BenTrem tweeted on 2012-05-23

  • A slogan? "If we're going to argue, we might as well get the facts straight. Who knows, we might talk things through instead of fighting!" #
  • When I was young I concluded that we needed a better way to discuss public policy. That was 36yrs ago. Nothing I've seen has changed my mind #
  • Maybe we spend too much on foreign aid. Then again, maybe we should spend more! How's this: we should spend well. #NoBrainer #discourse #
  • @neiltyson 60 seconds on the Daily Show? Too sweet. :-) cheers in reply to neiltyson #
  • Accenture / Guardian Sustainable Wed: 12hrs of live debate to set the agenda for sustainable business" > < cc: @Revkin #
  • FB down to $34 now. #
  • #Adobe #Reader – Why has this chose IE as my default browser, and how to change it back to @Firefox? #
  • You tell me: is the "t" in "often" silent or is it not? Hearing off-ten makes my teeth acke. #
  • @Twitter #Regression – You took away web page access to DMs. This a) stops us from deleting SPAMs, and b) reduces usability. URL for DM pls. #
  • @thoughtstream Lovely synchronicity: here I was pondering how a like magazine function could enchance TS function! cc: @SmallRivers in reply to thoughtstream #
  • #ThoughtWare – There was one for Apple IIe; what was it called? I used Broderbund's "Thinking Cap" for c=64. cc: @SmallRivers @ThoughtStream #
  • @PayPal I just received a not.that.clumsy spoof / phish / SPAM EMail; email address I can forward it to you? –ben #
  • I'm immediately distracted by this! "Creating Web Widget with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript" > < cc: @irajlal #
  • @thoughtstream Twitter doesn't work very well for this. (heh mIRC is in mind again!) Are you on GPlus? They allow "Pages" now. in reply to thoughtstream #
  • Just discovered a pack of fish in the freezer. OMG feast … that + pan-fries + egg + green onions. OMG! #
  • I just watched 30 seconds coverage of the Royal tour. I figure that's about 20 seconds more than I needed. #
  • "recently handed in his Ph.D. thesis “Recommender Systems for Social Bookmarking”," > < cc: @SmallRivers #
  • Testing Chime.In by creaing "Discourse community" > < #
  • Searching I came up with "Corruption and Dynasties" from Cato > < #
  • #LivingRoomConversation "a self-identified "conservative" and a "progressive" co-host; each invites friends" > < #

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