BenTrem tweeted on 2012-05-22

  • Let's say you being to win at #AttentionEconomy Who do you reply to? Precious few. And then? Broadcast w/o response, except to few A-list. #
  • #YEG – Isn't it wonderful that so many folk can now afford big rigs and ATVs so they can tear shit out of wilderness areas. F'n yahoos. #
  • @MeleauxPROMO Blocked for SPAM. cc: @MosDefOfficial @MeleauxMinded in reply to MeleauxPROMO #
  • #FB – Diagnosis time: GM cancelled its planned $10M advertising buy at FaceBook. The question remains: how to monetize the web? #ROI #
  • "Food security on G8 agenda". I recall workshops on that, in 1976. As tech_docs type, I've worked on methods and techniques. Nobody cares. #
  • George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin … Zimmerman started a fight and, losing the fight, shot the kid. What's the mystery? #
  • @mingyurrinpoche Tashi delek Rinpoche! greets to you and everyboy (everybody!) over there. –Karma Chopal #
  • @TergarOnline A link for your PlayList? Trying to use mine better. "Buddhist" > < "DzPR" > < TD! #
  • @sstevenwright Oh, man, I'm not sure anybody can read sense into this. Of course the big players / psychopaths are positioned for long term. in reply to sstevenwright #
  • @sstevenwright Drinking single malt doubles with a trader I asked him about Y2K. "Market goes up, I profit. Market goes down, I profit." in reply to sstevenwright #
  • Ok, what's going on with this new Followers on thing? #
  • Note to Mi-5: hard heels always make a helluva noise. You know we have better. ;p #
  • OMG … just realized I'd lost sight of Kierkegaard! That's not right … gotta make some time to clean that up. #
  • @matvic Is why they're not dogs: they don't mean to please …they mean to do their own thing. Like those of us the A-list don't like. ;p in reply to matvic #
  • Ward Cunningham on Wiki, Wikipedia's policies, OO, CoffeeScript and Perl, and simplest thing that could work." > < #

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