BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-31

  • @dockane "Worries"?! Uh; think you miss-read me. I was happy. Not worried. Glad. Up. Positive. So sorry that didn't communicate. Comms 5/2 in reply to dockane #
  • Dear Twitter – Would you feel better if I tried to sing, "But you were always on my mind"? Oh … no, hunh. Yaaa … I can feel that. luv ya #
  • Dear Twitter – A very high quality recording of "Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night" … you know we love you, yaa? We're true. Honest. #
  • "A Young Tibetan Lama Prepares for a Greater Role" > < (NYTimes) #Karmapa #dharma #
  • House and Senate Take Up Reid Debt Plan | C-SPAN > < Been watching almost an hour. TeaBagging GOP is simply dishonest. #
  • @pjozefak I've watched my cohort since incident of SEP73. They turned coat from 60s values, made their money, and now … cc: @JeffJarvis in reply to jeffjarvis #
  • Speaker of US House of Representatives loses control; she begins to read results before the vote was completed. What a freakin' mess. #
  • I turned away from literature and music because I concluded they were just anaesthetic. Folk bla-yada aspirations, then behave like swine. #
  • For the record: I no longer have anything good to say about Google. (Never been a zealot.) They're 20% fake smile / 80% cold indifference. #
  • Reading a Dr. Dobbs article on multi-threading, parallel memory and "relaxed consistency" to escape bourgeois bullshit in its various guises #

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