BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-30

  • @PBS – Having watched part of Newshour earlier (painful hunt!) I'm trying again to find it. Why not simply 1 click to latest? disheartening. #
  • "Glum and glummer" [must-see pic!] "
    "With the Treasury about to run out, Barack Obama and acolytes at loggerheads" > < #
  • How much time goes to funding government?" > < Brilliant break down from #Infographic #
  • In G+ chat w/@MLane I brought up "bonsai"; here's an alternative! "Grow Bottles Herb Gardens" > < #
  • "History to unveil 'Vietnam in HD' > < via @DocKane "1000s of hrs footage , much from soldiers’ handheld cameras" #
  • "How Greedy Corporations Are Destroying America's Status As Innovation Nation" > < via @TradeMatch +Rob Gordon #
  • @dockane Hi – In G+ I asked what you tought of "We Were Soldiers"; now see you open this with Ia Drang! cheers ^5 #
  • "The "uncensored war": the media and Vietnam" > < (GoogleBooks) via someone on G+ cc: @DocKane #

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