BenTrem tweeted on 2011-08-01

  • @PBS – Nightly Business Report – Thursday; WashingtonWeek July 22 … doggone it … #
  • "Persist your data in YAML files instead of SQL database. Wait what?" > < #geek #
  • "A Relentless Enemy" 101st on AfghPak border; FB Zeroc > < (60 Minutes) #
  • @Locke081 If I thought they might learn, that would be something good. I can't honestly say that. It's a cultural thing. They grossed me out in reply to Locke081 #
  • @Locke081 p.s. no bio. no URL/link. your profile looks totally ersatz. too smart to be ersatz. be who you are! cheers in reply to Locke081 #
  • Syrian gov't snipers making maximum use of head shots. Syria has to be black-listed. #
  • How stunned are yuppies? Just asked a guy about his "most recent post" on G+. He replies, "Which post is that". A bio like a VP, but duhhhh. #

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