BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-12

  • #Dharma – HHKarmapa in NA! > < #
  • CBC TV – Bye "Roayls"? oh-woops ;-) #
  • "Nice" people don't question Franks, and Zinny, and Rumsfeld. (Is because they're careerists, is why.) So effective #Gov2 No no. Dog !bark. #
  • I looked to see Prime Minister Harper in Calgary and found rerun of a bad episode of Jackass. hunh #
  • @adrielhampton Grand. Jim-dandy album. Almost a story … definitely theme. cheers! in reply to adrielhampton #
  • "Report: Civic knowledge is the leading factor in political civic engagement" > < via +DavidWeller #Gov2 #

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