BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-11

  • There's something about yuppie consciousness I just grappled with: it's fractal. In some places very, very deep … but always superficial. #
  • @travisgordon HeyYa Travis – real pleased to have met you in G+ HG. When it gets to be tug to see who monologues next I just back away. ^5 in reply to travisgordon #
  • @stolenfire But it isn't about me, mate. It's about you having some link / URL / blog / homepage on your Twitter profile. :-) in reply to stolenfire #
  • @adrielhampton What came to mind was a lovely lament from Chieftans' "Bonapart's Retreat" > < in reply to adrielhampton #
  • @adrielhampton p.s. that song gave me concept for "Widows and Wakes", and exploration through song. Never produced. HeyHo, so it goes. ^5 in reply to adrielhampton #
  • @vielmetti heh – I reached over and tapped you on the shoulder over there; not sure if you replied … some notifications get lost. But yaa. in reply to vielmetti #
  • @OPCGal hi – /Very/ nearly deleted the EMail notification. With so many SPAM Follows, when I saw "gal" … I was 2/3 way to [X]. truly! :) #
  • @OPCGal p.s. OMG your right sidebar was like OMG I know what this is. Hello there! Recall I wrote "Good eye" in G+? *wh00t!* :-) #
  • Meat and potatoes for me! via @OPCGal #
  • /me sings, "Take this + and shove it!" #
  • "Bringing their kids to a battle" pilot says. Someone on the way to school stopped to help wounded strangers. Arse. Total arse. #
  • @OPCGal well, sure does beat the alternative, ayep. (I musta took a page from someone's book about "suffering fools gladly" and et it. heh) in reply to OPCGal #
  • @OPCGal Just a thot: lateral from "FireStorm", create "HelmetFire" … specialists in UX/UI. :-) in reply to OPCGal #
  • OPCGal Ooh! Someone has done just that! see … schweet! Potential for strategic partnership? #

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