BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-10

  • @ramdass Big name you're carrying there! Tashi delek / namaste KC: in reply to ramdass #
  • I keep coming back here, minute by minute; I see @ChrisPirillo _et al_ active; how to inter-weave this with G+? #
  • If I wanted to get rich quick I'd create a veil / masking mechanism for the psychopaths in the world. Oh, say, have you tried Google+? ;p #
  • The Lycos / Tripod network (God bless'em) is a shambles. Recover PWD has given me UName … 3 times. And login w/Google failed. meh #
  • Lycos / Tripod is insane. PWD reminder gives UName. PWD reset get instructions for EMail change. Insane. Gotta be a story in here somewhere. #
  • @stolenfire Hello Dale! Have you some web presence? cheers -ben in reply to stolenfire #

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