BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-09

  • @silverton Sorry you blinked out of my circle (and I'm not talking Google+). How it happened kinda stung. You don'gotta hear, but I say. in reply to silverton #
  • #Gov2 #IChing #JaLuv #Etc on my #Hangout > < #Google #
  • #Gov2 #IChing #JaLuv #Etc on my #Hangout > < #Google #
  • @silverton I got it. I get it. Hope you got my tweet. Hope you "got it". in reply to silverton #
  • #YEG – How we all doin' on this fine fall day? *yoiks* 13C #
  • Full marks to Twitter for doing what it does, and doing it w/o DoNoEvil bullshit. #
  • "How to Use SCRUM To Remove Team Dysfunctions " > < ( #
  • @mikesdharma Yup. Good clinical quality studies were done, well, the ones I knew were early 90s. And diff techniques = diff effects! in reply to mikesdharma #
  • To a blog post on "fragmentation" and A-list dynamics a SocMed type recommended I visit a certain LinkedIn group; MeyerBriggs personality!!! #
  • @CBCEdmonton – What's in a name? If it was pa├»enne then it is the female form of "pagan"; etym: anybody who lives in the countryside. ;p #
  • "Act on every good idea" –PotUS. In 5+yrs I've met 0.00 people who care enough to have even one open minded minute. #Gov2 #OpenGovernment #
  • #YEG Rainfall Warning still in place. Sadly, same is true of Slave Lake and they've been kicked in the head yet.again, with major flooding. #
  • Plan – 1) Cash in big on Ponzi financial scam; 2) Tank the economy; 3) Watch prices drop; 4) Buy the farm; 5) Rinse/Repeat #
  • How can someone be Lead Developer and 3 months behind the ball in his public docs? Easy: yuppies use WWW as smoke&mirrors. !OpenData #

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