BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-08

  • Pick. It's the right thing to do. > < Not gonna influence you. Nope. >> G(+) << #
  • @mlane Well c'mon now chum. A shelf full of fine 7% IPA … does a flight cost all that much? *le long sigh* ;p in reply to mlane #
  • That ugly homepage I passed you has all my links. Dawg-ugly is a jim-dandy fine as candy way to see who wants beef (or IPA) and who popcorn. #
  • @Buddhism_Now – The fool ponders wisdom and, as would any fool, finds that it simply doesn't pay the freight. /* KWATZ! */ __{*}__ KC: in reply to Buddhism_Now #
  • @Silverton – Your presence is missed; kinda blinked outta sigh. Kinna smarts. #OpenScience #
  • #YEG – Severe Thunderstorm Warning ("Warning", kidz, not "Watch" pls note) also Heavy Rainfall Warning (see above *G*) #
  • Holy cr*p 78WPM / 95% accuracy … yoiks. #

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