BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-07

  • @mlane "Build it and they will come". Believe it? (This in context of what this Tweet replied to.) Let's play laterally; I'm gonna tweet … in reply to mlane #
  • I'd have "community" if I blogged on, say, mouse breeding. I write pretty well. But I write on #Gov2 and such. Dozens of A-list. Not all +. #
  • @eprenen Oh good sir pls tell me you haven't been enthralled by "singularity". Actually half j/k but only half! p.s. luvly material to ReTw. #
  • "Study Says Tech Could Transform Society" > < (NYTimes) Dear NYTimes – Stop with the UC stuff! #
  • "Majority of UK are Gamers, Claims New Research; '52 percent of Brits play video games'" > < #
  • "Sharing Thoughts on Analyzing Twitter Chatter" > < (LinkedIn) #
  • "Why “Clear and Easy to Understand” can be bad" (read: There May Be a Better Way) > < #
  • @mlane Lateral: you know about PowWow? vy sim to Hangout, minus video. Vy functional; communities-based. '98! Great loyalty but … failed. in reply to mlane #
  • @DarcyTheCensor Ooh, no kidding. How to tip things towards confrontation ehh? BTW: nice cool bro' … nice balance. stay all-ways well. ^5 in reply to DarcyTheCensor #
  • @e2mblog SideBar: no URL in bio … no homepage? blog? nuffum?! in reply to e2mblog #
  • "Professional Websites That Are Visually Stunning But Lack Usability" > < ( #
  • @mlane I'm beavering away at a release strategy/tactic. Can't blow it. This is my life-long project; giving away the farm would kill me. in reply to mlane #
  • #Innovation – Google had to do +. In #Gov2 or #OpenPublishing what reason to pay attention to such as #ParticipatoryDeliberation None. #

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