BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-13

  • @intellitics I liked the way the original tweet had included both … that's my most favored way of making a point. (Fan of JS Mill here.) in reply to intellitics #
  • #YEG #SecularEducation – Good to see some folk have noticed N'n Alberta is stuck in the 50s. (I'm from there; wanna step up? step up …) #
  • "Letters to a Pitchikoo" > < I usually avoid this stuff. I think you'll like this. I know I did. –ben #
  • @intellitics Nope, wasn't quibbling/kwetching your post, nope nope. :-) in reply to intellitics #
  • Unrequited love: I truly miss Twitter. #
  • "Stand down: helping vets get homes and jobs " by @CraigNewmark > < (HuffPost) #

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