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  • #Curation – I think the notion is so generally understand that it's hardly understood at all. In order to /what/? "Categorize". *d'uhh* Why? #
  • #MasterChef – In one of the "advanced" events I was thinkin', "Yaaa, let's see them turn out a hot-damn ravioli" and heh ayep, sure enough! #
  • Most everybody knows toil. Drudgery. But "heavy lifting"? Lord knows it's sometimes /combined/ with toil but … you know, 2hrs staring … #
  • @KinshinC I always knew I'd die a failure. Cuz my last success, however recent, would be at least a little bit behind me. ;-) in reply to KinshinC #
  • #EUContagion – Nice thing about being greedy and grasping is having enough money to shove consequences over onto other people and then duck. #
  • When you say "spontaneous", do you mean anything better than ADHD? When you say "free", don't you mean un-grounded? CDF (mil.slang) #Zen101 #
  • #Innovation – Ever a tune? There's something about "right" … like spices in a sauce. As though the ultimate solution pre-exists. #techne #
  • "When We See What We Want" > < via @Revkin ("Social construction of truth" anyone?) #
  • In army basic I had 1 book in my footlocker: AJ Ayers's "Language, Truth and Logic". Drill sargeant cared more than you: he hated it. #
  • "Democracy vs Mythology: The Battle in Syntagma Square" A look at the Greek economy; a modern tragedy? > < #
  • "Chicago Will Give $10k for a killer #OpenData App" > < (GovLoop) #
  • #G20 Security Revisited – Excesses can be used to rationalize whatever agenda but bottom line: if you demonstrate, you will be abused. #
  • Buddy on radio describing being beaten up by cops in Toronto after having been "kettled". (Go ahead, say it: he deserved it, right?) #
  • #Kettling – A nice way to distract attention from the fact that individual policemen lost their minds and ran amuck against peaceful folk. #
  • Make me stand in one place for 3 hours. Sux. Bash me in the face with your shield, drag me on pavement, then stomp kick and hit me?! D'uhh! #
  • "What ‘Inside Job’ got wrong" by @EzraKlein > < ( #
  • @ezraklein Tks for "Inside Job" piece; great stuff. But hey, left sidebar offers "WonkBook" but that is nowhere explicated/described. cheers #
  • Toronto police spokesman on radio: whatever the cops did was justified by whatever happened before. Period. Garden variety fascism. #
  • "We take our job seriously and we act very professionally" … which explains the abuses?! This 25yr vet is an ace yuppie. Sophistry. #
  • Box people in, corner them, then move forward banging shield "to get people to move away". Cops should be ashamed of their bullshit. #
  • Head of the Toronto Police Association and all he can do is bullshit. /Hundreds/ of people held in cells, handcuffed, for as much as 24hrs. #
  • How cops justify the contempt so many of us feel: over-react, act like nazis, then bullshit. Pathetic. Worse: pathological. #
  • @JoeKeohane Greets – A little nugget you might want to incorporate to final section of "How Facts Backfire": we're "cognitive misers". #
  • @JoeKeohane p.s.notion is it's adaptive to apply heuristics in order to reduce cognitive load; usually get it right? *shrug* good enough! :) #
  • Honesty: you know "the nail that sticks up gets hammered", don't you. Slam fellows, then slavishly follow those with wealth and power. meh #
  • "The WOA story emerges as better outcomes sought for SOA" by @DHinchcliffe on @ZDNet > < and > < #
  • #HelpMeOnThis – I still need the conventional phrase / acro for "smallest version or prototype", typically used in #startups #
  • @shelisrael I think of Twitter as a bowl of peanuts. As I work my list, the bowl starts to include almonds, pecan etc etc … in reply to shelisrael #
  • Typical: "How do I maximize income from this?" My approach: "How do I transform this yuppie crap into something non-toxic and productive?" #
  • Loyalty oath: "The situation isn't anything nearly as bad as the barbarians say. And if it is then it's their fault, not ours." #
  • "Pundits ascend (lucrative popular entertainment) while fact-checking languishes in the dungeons of wonkery" > < #
  • "Why Connect?" > ( via @jeff_hayes #
  • @shelisrael Wow, never saw that one coming! heh in reply to shelisrael #
  • @shelisrael /me spies a high-quality jelly bean in the bowl of peanuts in reply to shelisrael #
  • OMG I am now lusting for watermelon jelly beans. #
  • @kady What Joe Keohane says about pundits is likewise true about politicians; my snippet > < in reply to kady #
  • @ParabolaMAG In a word: _kensho_. in reply to ParabolaMAG #
  • Apply shikantaza as means to an end and you may well achieve your goal … and rip yourself in the process. Life's like that. *snort* #Zen #
  • @shelisrael c(_)~ … good green tea; not too hot. in reply to shelisrael #
  • @shelisrael Depends if those 10 people unFollow or not. (Just read a post about reach VS influence. Time to head out/visit my fave brook.) in reply to shelisrael #
  • "Avatars, Military Ethics & Elevating the Conversation" by @ShelIsrael > < #Conversation #popcorn #Discourse #
  • Simply: some of you (quite a number) opt to live high off the hog while buying political power and ruining the planet for us all. #borg #

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