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  • @acarvin BTW Andy if ever you get a chance to look into Indymedia's doc base you'll find that the global network came up with good standards in reply to acarvin #
  • @kady 25minutes in reply to kady #
  • Some very nice people are terribly wrong headed. All we have to do right now is /listen/?! Excuse me, but that's just … wrong-headed. #
  • Nice to see one #YEG MP rise on the right side of the question! :-) #
  • I'm very glad to read a 3pg think piece on "the bold, meaningless epigram" > < but the central figure disheartens me. #
  • @kady Say (since you're such a keen observer) who's going to host The House? Always like that as a way to start Saturday. #perversity in reply to kady #
  • #HouseOfCommons #BackToWork – NDP using the occasion to remind folk that, even with Harper majority, basic principles still exist. #
  • @ElizabethMay They're having a good time. Remember jr high playground? in reply to ElizabethMay #
  • @LindaDuncanMP – Pls noodge Peter and get him to include "responsibility" when he talks about that sorta "right". It's a must! ^5 #
  • #CUPW – Home brew IPA here; head over to and join in! > < #
  • @the_idea_agency Bravo. That's what I'm on about when I rant against marketing _per se_ … dehumanizes all involved. in reply to the_idea_agency #
  • @kady – Be kind, tell me that young woman's name? Reminds me of some QC kids I met at A-20/FTAA … more fervor than a dozen other MPS. #
  • @kady Ève Péclet *wh00t!* #CUPW #
  • @CUPEOntario Is what he gets paid for: long years of hard practice; rhetoric when possible, sophistry as required. in reply to CUPEOntario #
  • @damcbain c/w accents: Ève Péclet … wonderful. in reply to damcbain #
  • Cons make me gag. "We're here not to fight but to find solutions." Meaning? "Lock the workers out then legislate them back to work." #CUPW #
  • @westcenter If tweets is the best we can deploy as participation, given the talent that's on hand then it isn't just CA that's doomed. #Gov2 in reply to westcenter #
  • @StKonrath Anyone do a study on those who either spend little/less time on FB or left altogether? in reply to StKonrath #
  • I've pointed out repeatedly: when folk trim their networks, it becomes homogenous "The Web Is Shrinking. Now What?" < #
  • @westcenter Thanks for the come-back. So, really, the matter is at the interestion of us here *taps screen* and IRL. greets / g'nite! in reply to westcenter #
  • Thanks for the come-back. So, really, the matter is at the intersection of us here *taps screen* and IRL. greets / g'nite! #
  • "Social Innovation: Innovation for the Good of Us All" > < (Forbes) via @jjackson21 and @the_idea_agency #
  • @KinshinC Perhaps that greed is such an overpowering impulse /because/ sane considerations like safety are absent. cheers in reply to KinshinC #
  • @Grant_Thoman Is the problem Grant: sophistry jingoism etc etc have all been too well rewarded. keep on keepin' on! in reply to Grant_Thoman #
  • "Rand Paul: America’s hungry seniors should turn to charity" > < via @thecentristword #
  • @swiftriver 3rd and final time: Tried on FF5 and Chrome; on neither to "View Project" links work. bye now in reply to swiftriver #
  • Nice for them to get Knight's $250K grant … especially since personality politics means there's actually no need to be effective. #borg #
  • @swiftriver 3rd try: On neither FF5 and Chrome do "View Project" links work. in reply to swiftriver #
  • @WindSector Wow, missed that! Must still be aslep. in reply to WindSector #
  • @danielbachhuber HiYa – Wiki link on homepage fails to connect with dB. cheers #
  • "12 Laws and Principles to Aid You in Your #Design quot; > < ( #
  • @MozTestPilot HiYaz – Just sub'd 1st data set. Something I think is wrong: "Browsing Methods" shows 0 for History. I use History constantly! #

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