BenTrem tweeted on 2011-06-28

  • "As a photographer in real life", the actress in the ad says. "As a doctor", the actor in the commercial says. Marketing is often dung. #
  • @corneredrats You gonna post an MP3? Sorry I missed this. p.s. EMail to Xoom sent. *don't shoot!* I really gotta get a decent GameName. ^5 in reply to corneredrats #
  • Ok, w'ad I do? XP box can't get IP address for connection to Vista box. And *yoiks* I tried to fix it. Now can't share inter-tubes. #
  • heh … no geek like an old geek. Rather than fix what had worked, I connected inter-tubes to box and now laptop shares that. *yoiks( #
  • Ok, so what's that about. Connect laptop to web, and XP box to laptop, no joy. With XP connected, laptop can share its connection. meh #
  • Folk have lots of time to talk about #curation and #aggretation but when it comes to fundamental problems of #design / #architecture None. #
  • "MoD cyber-command will combine with intelligence" > < (ZDNet) via @joannejacobs @herdmeister #
  • I know I'm doing something right when: I get to my keyboard 08:30 Monday morning with a full head of steam. *aoh-w00!* #
  • Lateral: even when you know what you said, how do you tell others //what// you were talking about? #Semantic #Integration #
  • Open Cities (a new EU project) "Open Innovation in the Public Sector" > < (Open Knowledge Conf) via @DirDigEng @jwyg #
  • @okfn Hi there – I hope someone is coupling #OpenSpending and #ParticipatoryBudgeting in reply to okfn #
  • "#OpenSpending Project – for the global public to explore and understand government spending" > < ( via @OKFN #
  • @jwyg Heads up: error in blog sidebar, picturegrid.php … ^5 #
  • Pls recommend a good #tech #forum. I have 1 problem; not terribly complicated, but pure PITA. #XP #Vista #Networking #
  • Rereading "Liberty Scam;
    Why even Nozick, father of libertarianism, gave up on the movement he inspired" > < #
  • My cohort, ohhhh my cohort … "Dear Rich People Who Can Barely Live On $450,000 A Year…" > < ( #
  • @mikkelsvane Going through NHelpDesk RFC. Luvin' it. But what really impressed me was the pie-chart of your Twitter activity. ;-) in reply to mikkelsvane #
  • "4 API Trends Seen in Programmable Web's Milestone Numbers" > < (@RWW Cloud) #
  • I like to think of sophistry as being entropic. I wonder, can I demonstrate that false arguments are somehow criminal? Theft of cog energy? #
  • @jwyg Which? The one in your profile. *giggle* FF5 and Chrome here; will screengrab if you don't see it, but I betcha you will! :-) in reply to jwyg #
  • @OPEN_INTEL Yes, that's true. And most times that's just about as far as it goes. Like how SME-wannabes swap acros: nobody wants to hoe in. in reply to OPEN_INTEL #
  • #Innovation – Ever mix a tune? There's something about "right", like spices in a sauce. As though the ultimate solution pre-exists. #techne #
  • Pls recommend a good #tech #forum. I have 1 problem; not terribly complicated, but pure PITA. #XP #Vista #Networking #
  • @klintron From a think piece on facts, truth, and public opinion (1 of 2) < Depends what one wants: theory, or praxis. in reply to klintron #
  • Remember the compact car that exploded when rear-ended? Okay, so what do you want, to keep your engineer's job? or produce good stuff? #borg #

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