BenTrem tweeted on 2011-06-22

  • I think #Syria will need to walk the same path as #Burma No short sharp battle to be won. see Aung San Su Kyi's int'views on BBC. #
  • @TenderDentist You look pretty foolish for your SPAMming: I was talking a hockey game. Jerk. in reply to TenderDentist #
  • @toughLoveforx Was my side subject in social and cog-psych. I file this sort of thing under "aspirational values" as euphemism. stay well in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • Q: what's the difference between a yuppie's kid and a junkie? A: Difference? What difference? #
  • is offline? Now, what's /that/ about?! #
  • Ok, let's explain yuppie denial as "cognitive dissonance". So, therefore, folk arn't responsible? Then we should suspend democracy! #balls #
  • @Revkin – "In 20 years we'll have options for energy, but not for water." "Prophets of Doom" on (which, amazingly, is down ATM). #
  • How painfully stupid is my cohort? Richer countries aren't happier. Do the f'n arithmuhtik. F'n d'uhh … too simple? Yaa, right. #
  • "Land of the free" … who has more folk in prison, Russia? N Korea? "Home of the brave" … Who else has hatred as a hobby? Al Qu'eda. #
  • I follow some right-wing types on FaceBook. (Because I'm no bigot, dummy!) They're amazingly simple-minded. Not evil. But dangerously stupid #
  • @TenderDentist Here's some good advice: know what you're responding to before you reply. Else an honest man will call you a SPAMmer. bye now in reply to TenderDentist #
  • How do I say to a "successful" member of my cohort, "Not only is your personal life a mess, but you're clinically delusional." #matrix #borg #
  • "Marginal propensity to spend" … grand turkeys will plow scarce resources into producing home robots. You're mad. Quite mad. #
  • Some problems are complex. Peak oil, for example. Some are simple. Like how most "decent" people have the ethical fabric of a kitchen chair. #
  • @TenderDentist I was talking about a hockey game. Now, remind me of your central thesis? Ok. Now, what was mine? You merely disregard. in reply to TenderDentist #
  • @TenderDentist p.s. "your idiot advice"? Dishonest little man. My advice was that /some people/ are smart enough to see you're a SPAMmer. in reply to TenderDentist #
  • @toughLoveforx Thanks. Hope the book doesn't further confound the sociopath's sadism (cruelty for pleasure) with psychopath's inhumanity. in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • @toughLoveforx p.s. "Without Conscience: Psychopaths Among Us " > < by the clinician who created the checklist. in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • @toughLoveforx Actually I was disappointed to see that "evil" was the focus. in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • 108,000 stories but 1 set of facts. I can't get anybody interested in that. 1 world, 1 sky, 1 set of facts. 1 database but tons of stories. #
  • Amazingly attractive bunch of bunkum in my Inbox. Bla-this and yada-that …. straight out of #matrix #
  • @toughLoveforx Oh but I wasn't going by the title, I was going by the technical analysis you just described. in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • HD security? I have a 10yr collection of my old HDs. Dead simple. #
  • @toughLoveforx p.s. interest in "empathy" I've seen an up-tick recently. I take this to indicate people studying to be more effective cons. in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • @toughLoveforx BTW that's not cynicism: it's well studied how psychopaths use therapy as means to refine / sophisticate their technique. in reply to toughLoveforx #

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