BenTrem tweeted on 2011-06-23

  • @toughLoveforx "Zero Empathy Positives" is not usual language. It it's not normal usage. in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • OMG, a time warp? "Programming with Reason: Why is goto Bad?" at @Dr_Dobbs > < #
  • Under #AttentionEconomy NGO managers are responsible for creating the impression of activity. Effective good results is the "20" in 80/20. #
  • Charlie Rose w/NYTimes columnists Roger Cohen, Thomas L. Friedman, David Brooks and David Leonhardt > < #
  • I think #AttentionEconomy is sorta like GPA: it actually measures something quite precisely. It just doesn't mean all that much, in the end #
  • #YEG "The Fourth Annual North Country Fair Afterbender!" > < (FaceBook) #PawnShop #
  • @NYTimesCohen @NYTimesFriedman @DLeonhardt ?DBrooks (fink!) – Gentlemen, please propagate this show with Mr. Rose. I will be parsing it! #
  • @socialmediazine I've been trying to tell such as LPL about how to turn that into a rigorous decision support syste. Typically: "too busy". in reply to socialmediazine #
  • "The Deficit, Real vs. Imagined" by @DLeonhardt > < (NYTimes) #
  • @support – "You are not authorized to perform this operation" … I'm not allowed to Tweet?! #
  • @evansolomoncbc May I request that you write your Tweets in anticipation that some of us will ReTweet them? Pls don't just chat. #
  • @bxmx Looks like a totally typical blog post/comment thread to me. cc: @Ghonim in reply to bxmx #
  • @bigthink Links in the "Most Shared" section of your recent email produce warnings from Facebook. A very !pleasant experience. pls correct. #
  • "Adult conversation about the problems we're facing". In #AttentionEconomy you simply don't care. You just suck up for one more "like". #
  • … yet.another site that routinely jijacks others' content. shame #
  • @bxmx Context: I've been saying for months/yrs and recently that we (IT) have not done nearly enough to support/enable #discourse cheers in reply to bxmx #
  • @toughLoveforx Ah, you see, different priorities: I'm not interested in yet.another way to silo knowledge. Special vocabularies = hermetic. in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • Sidebar: new (used) off-road bicycle => cracked ribs yet again. I gotta start factoring in my age when I bank off a ridge. #
  • @fulltimecasual Right beside "simplest thing that works" there's "Xxxx yyyyyy zzzzz" having to do with startup / IPO / prototype. I forget! in reply to fulltimecasual #
  • "Fifty engineers and designers from the US and Canada competed this past weekend in the first ever "Hack for Change" contest" #Fixed #Gov2 #
  • I'm no pessimist, so I don't buy into "government is the upper class' executive committee" but yes, things do operate that way. #Innovation #
  • "By invitation only" is obviously exclusive. And honest. "Come to SF and compete for $10K" pretends to be open. #matrix #borg #
  • Want to experience real social fabric? Try running with "constructive criticism" and see how long it takes for you to pull up lame. #
  • #CFL – Anybody watching the Als? yoiks #

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