BenTrem tweeted on 2011-06-21

  • If yrs ago I had heard someone state my case I'd have celebrated. Now I realize that this will now push me away from the table entirely. #
  • @JianGhomeshi – Check see if anyone you know was with Mother mid/late 70s. A 15minute slot called "5 Days" IIRC. Stories and story tellers. #
  • @JeffJarvis – How about this: 1 set of "facts" (i.e. base of shared data) and 108,000 stories. It's fractal! :-) #
  • "The ability to make it sustainable" … but by having self-funded as a free-lance I've ended up below the salt. A-list manipulate funding. #
  • Bottom line: reality doesn't apply to A-list because the A-list culture includes the ability to re-frame and re-define after the fact. #borg #
  • My life has been one long reality test. I see that I underestimated my cohort's dishonesty (i.e. lack of integrity). I've been unrealistic. #
  • "Mutual admiration society" is far more ubiquitous than I thought. It's more than just sycophancy. It's an over-arching in-group dynamic. #
  • @Firefox – #FF5 "test pilot" popup points to mozilla-labs-testpilot on google groups. No evidence there of "test pilot activity. Why join? #
  • #Gov2 – Folk getting paid to do work, A-list doing their thing with popcorn, so no motive to Get Things Done i.e. heavy lifting / design. #
  • What I noticed about my cohort late 60s/early 70s: talk bliss BS while being arrogant, patronizing, and violent. Holds true today. #borg #
  • Some delusional situations are self-validating e.g. A-list schmooze concerning things #Gov2 that do not actualize collaboration. #borg #

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