BenTrem tweeted on 2011-05-08

  • @CoachChic Tells the boys not to brain-cramp with less that 2 goal cushion. (That's what I get for trusting Bruins. *le smurque*) #BOS #NHL in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic Lagged … I typed that before the 2nd goal, but it hadn't been Tweeted. *face/porridge* in reply to CoachChic #
  • #YEG – CQ CQ CQ de VE6IU – QTC 1. I checked my quick bag, recharged my radio, then realized S&R hadn't been mobilized. Anyone on? QSL? #
  • That's the 2 goal cushion I talked about earlier, ayepp. *Hoooa!* #BOS #NHL p.s. Flyers are easy my least fave team. #
  • #geek – I need term for "to firm up". "Secure" over-states. "Discourse can serve to _firm up_ one quadrant of the certainty matrix." #
  • Yes. Was just what I was calling for. 4-1 lead, 3-0 series. *Hoooa!* #BOS #NHL #
  • @bradfitz Fair winds / roll easy. ^5 in reply to bradfitz #
  • @bradfitz re: "Would you like some?" Small market dynamics are kissin' cousin to gift economy. Like buskers; I give. And keep givin', if … in reply to bradfitz #
  • "And /that/ is //that//." 5-1 wraps 4-0 series. (Screw you, Flyers!) #BOS #NHL #EDM #
  • If yer gonna beat my Habs, then you will please go the distance. And thank you. *grin* #BOS #MTL #NHL #
  • "It's Time to Audit the Fed " by @RickSanchezTV > < (HuffPost) #
  • re: Pakistan / Osama – Pundits are pondering "Incompetence or collusion?" Well gee golly shucks, I've needed to ponder that my entire life! #
  • @CBCAlerts You /gotta/ be kidding. Made for TV drama! in reply to CBCAlerts #
  • #YEG – Missing soldier was one of the quicker runners in the troop … but dropped out of sight after lagging behind?! Prayers … #
  • @chuckfrey Oct 15th, 2009 in reply to chuckfrey #
  • @ohiobuddhist – Nice of you to DM thanks, but I can't DM reply since heh you did not reciprocate Follow. heh __{*}__ #
  • #YEG – "Missing soldier's wife asks public for help" … anybody have news on this? #

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