BenTrem tweeted on 2011-05-07

  • @innovate Alas, saw lots of creep, but not much innovation to stand as counter-example. "Good ideas are a dime a dozen" mentality rules. #
  • #Discourse – If "truth" is a cloud, then is "fact" a dot? like a bead? huh huh no, "fact" is a Julia set! cc: @storiedstrategy #
  • @CoachChic I like it. But that's just business wrap'round what I was already doing. Launching a product (web service) is diff kettle/fish. in reply to CoachChic #
  • #Nutrition – After juicing veg I do some potatos, separately. Let starch settle, add to juice. Then fry the pulp! #
  • @CoachChic *giggle* I'm trying to get shed of my last/final challenge! After 35yrs (not joking) it's a real albatross around my neck. in reply to CoachChic #
  • @ghoshworld Nice point: I was 9 when JFK was killed. (I remember "Duck and Cover".) That rocked my world. Kidz in the shadow of 9/11 … in reply to ghoshworld #
  • If my cohort ("yuppies") isn't as basically corrupt as I say, why did Administration so totally distort story of Bin Laden's death? #borg #
  • Mere honesty: "The picture is incomplete. We aren't going to release details out of context." Instead? "Armed, used his wife as a shield". #
  • Intelligence: "Al Quaeda targeted major US cities on significant dates like 4JULY." *blink* Please, oh please tell me this ain't news. #
  • A LinkedIn discussion on sustainable development and population. I have never ever seen such a collection of metaphysical flim-flammery. #
  • @seattledrury A refinement: social certainly isn't a channel, and less a commodity. It's an attitude that in-forms action. cc: @tvasquez in reply to seattledrury #
  • @seattledrury p.s. I wanted to use "It's an orientation", in the sense of bodhicitta, but couldn't fit that into 140. ;-) cheers in reply to seattledrury #

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