BenTrem tweeted on 2011-05-09

  • Study the problem? Sure. But you might stop with that. *FAIL* When you aim to find a solution, you also study the problem. That's #GTD #
  • @CivicTEC – Thanks for the DM; I can't reply: no reFollow. So sad! ;-p Main pages are embargoed, see homely old < #
  • I can, have, and do play politics. When there's an operational objective tabled. But OMG political bla-yada-blah seems to be the aim! #GTD #
  • What are my cohort's kids teaching their kids? see "Most common words in toy adverts" > < #SocialPathology #
  • Thinking tactically re: upcoming negotiation I realized all the good jobs I've had were just training. I've been challenged twice. In 40yrs. #
  • Watching Frost and Nixon. Frost had good instincts about "comfort zone". I don't see that often. Can't recall the last time. #yuppies #
  • #EpistemicClosure Thinking in dead metaphors (Just imagine "cliche".) is entirely sufficient for #AttentionEconomy and "social media". #borg #
  • @USEmbPretoria Rule of law … dangerous stuff. What concerns me: when it's politik to flout it … well, where do we go then. cheers #
  • Thinking of the AU collective that created "Active" in '99 (Indymedia) old mil habits kicked in: no names came to mind! *grin* cc: @CivicTec #
  • @euan Just blurted re: chaos VS random etc etc in a LinkedIn group. Here now I'd RFE. Perhaps … it calls for more personal integrity? in reply to euan #
  • "The necessity of partial constraint" > < @NicholasGruen yo quiero te representarle @Euan. ciao! #
  • @snowded Greets – Thanks to @Euan I just read your "safe-to-fail". Are you by chance familiar with Arno Penzias' "setting up to fail"? #
  • #geek – *bis* I forgot the phrase: "minimal possible prototype" or something. Used in setting up for IPO, or even just talking to angels. #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere Is how I found Janelle Monae, googling lyrics from the car commercial. Was rewarded with "Tightrope" < in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • Folk usually think of "setting up to fail" as meaning "doomed", rather than the useful prototype technique. #
  • @semnyi Hey there! Noticed you active on FB … stay well! in reply to semnyi #

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