BenTrem tweeted on 2011-03-17

  • Google adds "Businesses Open Now" … wow … game changer. *buncha dweebs!* #
  • @MariamRahimi I can't help thinking of Gandhi-ji … confidence, and a good heart. stay well #
  • Tipper Gore and Reagan in the news. *buncha dweebs!* #
  • @jjprojects Yaa, I thought I saw snow on the rooftop where folk were huddling as it rolled in. uber-suckage (This guy knows outdoors/damp.) in reply to jjprojects #
  • Int'l non-support in #Libya – This is what I saw in '73. My cohort ignored it, and went on to become wealthy; they built this world. #borg #
  • @SparkingInsight I doubt it, unless he abused his office. p.s. I did cog-psych/criminology, rsch into "eye witness". Shockingly inaccurate. in reply to SparkingInsight #
  • @SparkingInsight Can't ignore this: "All six have now admitted that they did not really see anything" … folk flat out lie. Thus it is. in reply to SparkingInsight #
  • @SparkingInsight Most folk are capable of amazing bravery/courage. But we learn that popularity depends on toeing the line / sucking up. in reply to SparkingInsight #
  • Big pot of spag sauce simmering. Cheap cut of beef, tomato soup, onions, green pepper … what's that cost, $3? *my cohort makes me gag* #
  • CheckMyWork – Avg house price in USofA: $800K. How you doin'? You got a $500K house? (Look at how folk spend and tell me I'm wrong: #borg #
  • @SparkingInsight Age old: integrity, stability; mundane honesty. Same **** different pile. So we can learn that 2+2=4 regardless of A-list. in reply to SparkingInsight #
  • Japan – Cores were exposed for /6/ hours; pumps ran out of gas. Fire breaks out again; initial blaze not extinguished. Get it right!!! #
  • Here's a though: my cohort didn't care about global fascism … why would their kids care about Russian mafia in government? #borg #
  • @SparkingInsight heh … "authentic presence" has been my motto since the bus in '68. ;-) Thing folk don't get: smarmy "nice" is toxic! in reply to SparkingInsight #
  • Whatever happens in Japan, remember this: generators for cooling pumps ran out of fuel. "/You/ do things right. I want /promotion/!" #yuppy #
  • #StructuredAnalytics … anyone use these techniques? (hat-tip to CIA) #
  • #Gov2 0 – Bus information and traffic conditions are representative of what, except low hanging fruit in "attention economy"? #
  • #ReRead – "How to Engage on Sites Using Facebook’s New Commenting Plugin" > < ( #
  • What I've wasted years saying: "How Bad Communication Is Undermining Japan's Crisis Response" > < via @TheAtlantic #
  • #Gov2 – Case in point: "How Bad Communication Is Undermining Japan's Crisis Response" > < via @TheAtlantic #
  • No, you stupid #yuppie radiation is /notRPTnot/ like a flashlight beam. Amazing what dweebs get paid to write and say. #matrix #borg #
  • @ToughLoveforX What's #ebDish (WWW should be human-readable, yes? *G*) And what's NMEX? Sounds hermetic. in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @TechtonicTimes – Nice tweets. But the questions you pose only point to your homepage. Paradigmatic of something I dislike very much. in reply to TechtonicTimes #
  • Amazing the crap A-list follow just to pump their popularity. "Screw making a better world; I wanna get rich!" #yuppies #matrix #borg #
  • @BaghdadBrian We've been in the business of supporting fascists and over-throwing uncooperative democracies for decades. Sad situation. ^5 #

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