BenTrem tweeted on 2011-03-16

  • Radiation 101: the sub-atomic particles go in all directions. But *d'uhh?* "particles" like dust and water that's radioactive drift w/wind. #
  • E.g. of yuppie management: we didn't know that Hitler had stronger tanks? Of course we knew. Yuppies didn't start in the 70s. Lame. Weak. #
  • Yuppies step on others' heads to climb the ladder for perqs and $$. And if they need to do some real work? We all suffer the consequences. #
  • Look who's blocking UN's No Fly Zone for #Libya Bear in mind: not since Stalin has Russia been such a paradigm of fascism. (China too, but) #
  • Talking with an admin about communications and culture. He immediately went into hermetic self-security. Real people? He's allaregic! #
  • #Gov2 0 – The dynamics that have given us this corrupt culture can be short-circuited. Or propagated for the sake of career and "popularity" #

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