BenTrem tweeted on 2011-03-15

  • When I survey A-list's product, I find a small minority that are truly fine. You've created a schmooze culture, a suck-up culture. #borg #
  • Nuclear core exposed for 2.5 hrs. Why? Water pump ran out of gas. Friggin' yuppies win the social / personality game; they're incompetent. #
  • @jchernov Which leads directly to group-think and mutual admiration societies … self-validating, self-perpetuating => #borg in reply to jchernov #
  • MDs intimidated by AB government. You surprised? Things go to shit when folk don't care, and I've watched folk not give a damn for decades. #
  • Now and again I set my work aside and realize how rich my life is. And how much I've forsaken over the decades. You really piss me off. #
  • In video of tsunami from chopper you see a motorist race away while another does a fast but rather clumsy 5 point 180 and gets away. Just. #
  • "Call of Duty: Black Ops" best selling game ever. I played :Modern Warfare 2 for 35 minutes … bored to tears. #
  • Watch some of Family Guy. It's insane. I don't mean zany. Or in bad taste. I mean insane. Pathological. Clinically insane. It's warped. #

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