BenTrem tweeted on 2011-03-18

  • In my first serious job (SigInt) we needed near 90% precision just to graduate training. 0 personality contest. "Interdict Soviets". #borg #
  • My house was 110yrs old. Wood heat. Wood stove. Pull a pin and chimneys /flooded/ with chemical extinguishers. My home. Nukes = duds. #borg #
  • What you likely are wrong about: psychopaths aren't sociopaths. Psychopaths are charming. And /you/ choose by popularity contest. Oh-woops. #
  • Just Followed by someone who Follows 165K. "Social" media, you say? I beg to differ. #
  • Watching news as I play online game. Same incompetence seen IRL as in game. Sloppy, greedy, grasping, inchoate, clumsy … inept. #
  • If A-list weren't so good at cold-shoulder and high elbows we'd have had structured discourse on "universal principles" 10yrs ago. #matrix #
  • @ToughLoveforX Ah, right. So yes: hermetic. Discourse designed to communicate with in-group exclusively. in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @ToughLoveforX Quite the opposite of what has moved me for decades. Thanks, but no thanks. #Esperanto in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @twitter @support – Data corruption: in "mentioning bentrem" got @NewsHour tweet that heh certainly doesn't mention me. #Gack #
  • Yuppie planning in Japan: on day X+y, run power cable to nuclear sites and bring in helicopter water bombers; careerists have stepped back. #
  • Anyone recall "Peter Principle"? "I don't care even a bit" translates into a lot of human suffering. Yuppies are psychopaths best friends. #
  • @twitter @support – The NewsHour tweet that appeared in "mentioning bentre" w/o actually mentioning me … it's now gone. #gack #
  • Official estimates of radiation were off … they were 1/1000th of actual. Careerists … you still think I'm just blowing off steam? *D'uh* #
  • More voodoo: on day X+y they rush water cannons to nuclear plants. Oh! Someone just invented water cannon! Wow, impressive. *dweebs!* #
  • 2 signs of our times: 1) Gadhafi survives, and 2) Indian yuppies want less democracy. 1 is Russian mafia style, 2nd is Chinese fascism model #
  • Other news: old stove in this funky apt must be grungy; had a vy vy vy serious fire under the top. Did 0 wrong; all good. 30secs away fm 911 #
  • @SparkingInsight Replied at Posterous … not real fond of it. in reply to SparkingInsight #
  • @DiggsWayne Sorta like taking credit for what they're thinking already? ;p in reply to DiggsWayne #
  • @bwagy Hadn't noticed degradation. Will peek it. in reply to bwagy #
  • @bwagy I blogged about the document inclusion system NYTimes uses. Brain-cramp just now. You know about that one? in reply to bwagy #

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