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  • Why spend 27c fussing with a real good cup of home-brew coffee when you can spend $2.75 on a twist-top energy drink?! #MundaneInsanity #
  • #Libya – UN ambassador on CNN reports the formation of a provisional ruling council. Someone tell Saif the jig is up! #
  • My guess? There will have to be at least 1 conventional battle. Think of bears: they don't fight again and again. Once does it. #Libya #
  • #TeaBaggers – I can sometimes stomach #libertarian thinking. When it's actually thinking. I haven't seen it from the right yet. Cheap BS. #
  • @dahowlett I did "pro bono" for years. Free as in beer. Now? Pro bono publica … kinda like amicus brief. And I want my fee. in reply to dahowlett #
  • @JohnFMoore #4 needs to be "select all applicable". Like planning for war: not a single step. ;-) in reply to JohnFMoore #
  • #Libya – Press Saif Gadhafi: offer to send in a team of rapporteurs to validate his claims. Screw him to the wall! #
  • #Libya – To get a slight / partial / distorted view of history, see "Lawrence of Arabia"; fast forward to the final resolution. #colonialism #
  • @dahowlett Maybe I'm just old. Maybe I mis-managed. No milk left to give away. Only butter and cheese now. ;p in reply to dahowlett #
  • @JohnFMoore RFE 5: a) on how the problem affects work to be done; b) affects you and co-workers personally. in reply to JohnFMoore #
  • #TeaBaggers are flying their banner: not "tinker around the edges", nope nope. Identify "whole programs that need to be cancelled". BS BS BS #
  • #Wisconsin – 1st let us break contract and take back the money, then let us deny your right to make collective contract. Insanity yet.again. #
  • @dahowlett Just so. Spot on. Now I need a new team to make pasta. If not, I retire to my cave full of cheese on my goat farm off grid. ;-) in reply to dahowlett #
  • Right wing says "We need to give corporations and wealthy tax cuts. Oh, BTW, workers are making too much money." #
  • How flaky is Ring Wing? Assembly and collective bargaining are not rights. USofA is moving backwards. #MundaneInsanity #
  • @uncleweed I'll gladly spend time/money in a pub for world-class (Granite Brewery in Halifax) but for home? Good/cheap 7% ale please/thanks. in reply to uncleweed #
  • #Gov2 0 – Maybe years/decades with engineers spoiled me. I keep thinking "Get it done" instead of "schmooze and market then repeat ad lib". #
  • @JoelFrench Great way to get folk into the process, that. Get talking design / planning / architecture etc etc etc. in reply to JoelFrench #
  • @bmasonNDP I did sound for Hansard 70s. (Yes, Grant Notley's day.) Nuts&bolts debate on policy issues has since been #1 project. in reply to bmasonNDP #
  • In #Libya the cry should be, "Moamar, you are insane. But Saif is just a mad dog!" #
  • #dharma – Since, in the realm of the relative, there is nothing truer than the dream then heh isn't the dream "real"? *nervous giggle* #
  • Want to see #Matrix in action really? Actually? Watch yuppie values insinuate themselves into the un-folding of #Egypt #Tunisia #Libya &tc #
  • p.s. #psychopaths can thrive by sucking on white trash. Yuppies are their source of riches, wealth and power. Like aphids. #
  • @nicholaspatten My mnemonic has always been a very plain-vanilla L and a Rococo R, with all sorts of frills. in reply to nicholaspatten #
  • Rhetorically: I don't understand why "nice" people are such assholes. Really: "nice" people are wannabe bullies. #matrix #yuppies #borg #
  • Cognition is associative. And "association" is highly valenced. Which means bias and partiality kick in immediately. "Awareness" = see it. #
  • "Who's army wins, that's hard power. But now it's a matter of who's story wins, who's narrative. That's soft power." –Joseph Nye #
  • #Music – 2 tunez, 2 cultures: North Africa > <> EU/NA > < #culture #Libya #Tunisia #
  • In a nature program on TV a crow called out real loud and Cat went from dead sleep to full hunt mode in 2.62 seconds flat. Impressive! #

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