BenTrem tweeted on 2011-03-03

  • #Libya – What will Saif have to say for himself when the truth comes out; will he say that he is a poor innocent good-hearted victim? #
  • @_karmadorje What I read, as a kid, that turned me on to hatha yoga: "Ever seen a cat pumping iron?" cheers in reply to _karmadorje #
  • #Wisconsin – A bridge too far? Walker could have gotten wage roll-backs but as a true regressive Republican he had to try and remove rights. #
  • #Wisconsin – on @ParkerSpitzer question was "Tension between cutting school funding while reducing capital gains for wealthy?" GOP evade. #
  • @znmeb I've had both since forever. Just to see. Also AOL. Still have email address. Value? 25c … mebbe $1.25 in reply to znmeb #
  • I'm sure happy to see folk working together to … wait for it … draw their own picture of Johnny Cash. *sigh* #
  • @greenroofsuk Does "Berger Inquiry" ring a bell? Native MP warned me: when the oil is done, they'll take the water. in reply to greenroofsuk #
  • Market forces … double-cost sub-standard university degrees to folk who aren't likely to graduate or work in their field. Yet more shit. #
  • p.s. it's the Fed who loses the money when the student who got gauged fail. The yuppie marketers keep the money. Of course. #
  • @google – Yet another way you've screwed BlogSpot: your comment notification email are really lame. You have no excuse. Assholes. #
  • #Libya – Word is that Gadhafi loyalist forces were fought off in Brega; Benghazi is readying to stand firm. #
  • @digiphile SideBar – IIRC we were talking "webweavers" early 80s. Maybe late 70s. I forget. :-) in reply to digiphile #
  • @iomega – Thanks for the follow; I'll reFollow with @ITGeek p.s. my Zip 100 is sitting on the shelf; good memories! cheers #
  • #dhamra – Pema on "maitri" > < When we can do that, then our "nice" won't be so empty and false. #

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