BenTrem tweeted on 2011-03-01

  • Communist China showing its true colors: reporters kicked, punched, forced into police vehicles and driven away. #GlobalGulag #
  • Academy Awards – best reason ever to get off Twitter. #
  • @moorerandy You forgot "Cats and dogs aren't the same". I tried to say something. You patronized. *blocked* in reply to moorerandy #
  • @RedScareBot Are you a bot? Or just really, really, really hard up for material. What next, Tweet the dictionary? Shows you're a nut. in reply to RedScareBot #
  • @alainsaffel Unfortunately (Worse, actually.) what they're exporting big-time is a scary model for economic growth. As alternative to Russia #
  • @monaeltahawy I just watched a great documentary on bears and wolves. B4 that, seasons in YellowStone Park. 0 Oscar content so far. in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • @alainsaffel – Unfortunately description isn't antidote. in reply to alainsaffel #
  • #Libya – My friends and I used to provide running water, sanitation, and security for large crowds, as a hobby. That's needed on borders. #
  • @NaomiAKlein He has the advantage: no basic principles to trip him up. !Ya basta! in reply to NaomiAKlein #
  • Spending social time with cracker/red-neck peckerwoods helps me a lot. I notice the judge/condemn motive that drives me mad with #sangha #
  • @alainsaffel p.s. my #GlobalGulag means something like "Brave New World" i.e. Chinese model of near work-camp interior, Los Vegas coastal. in reply to alainsaffel #
  • #Libya – According to Gadhafi Benghazi has been taken over by Al Qu'aeda. Oh. #insanity p.s. Saif has blown his place in history. #
  • Charlie Sheen was making US$2M per episode. Now I ask you: who is it that's truly insane in that scenario? #

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