BenTrem tweeted on 2011-02-28

  • Anyone for discourse? "Stimulating the interest for conflicting scientific debates" > < (American Journ of Medicine) #
  • "The Recovery That Wasn’t: Bouncing Back to Lower Standards" > < ( #labor #
  • #Libya – Looks like Zawia will mark the front-lines. Can civil society hold it? Can Gadhafi thugs take it back? #
  • @moorerandy Isn't that a lot like "Those who love schools and hospitals should fund them"? Free-riders are everywhere. #
  • The death of morality: like some Marxist nightmare, the way to steer civil society is with money? NA/EU are doomed if that's so. #
  • @magicmartyr I think @acarvin missed your point. Yes, facilitation is catalytic. Like gate-keeper function. #
  • I thought I could spend my life delving into the nature of knowledge. Sadly, I came up with a method and technique. Now I'm forked. #
  • @spiver HiYa "" is broken; includes bracket. is short and works fine. :-) TD! in reply to spiver #
  • @ponlop Sounded too selfish, so I proceeded to do the wrong thing in the wrong way for the right reasons. Up side? I noticed!!! __{*}__ in reply to ponlop #
  • @acarvin A CBC TV report cites MD in Tripoli saying mercenaries shooting wounded in hospital. in reply to acarvin #
  • @moorerandy So you draw a line. Most people do. But do you recognize the principle? A lot of folk don't. Not at all. in reply to moorerandy #
  • In the 70s I became aware of how often people with very strong opinions only rarely have basis. You figure "social media" helps? C'mon … #

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