BenTrem tweeted on 2011-02-27

  • #RuleOfLaw – Attorneys leading the citizen's coalition in Benghazi. Those who profited from Gadhafi take a back seat! #Libya #
  • Optimist that I am, I think my cohort has good comms if only with BoaF clique. No contacts with Gadhafi's thugs in #Libya Inept? #
  • In generations past intelligent people read intelligent material. Now? Self-marketing has addled their brains. (Worse than Jersey Shore!) #
  • #SurpriseSurprise – Individuals who benefit by petty graft and mundane corruption get politicians who do the same and we're all screwed. #
  • @PBSNewsHour – Thanks for some hammer&tongs nuts&bolts discussion. Rare stuff since my cohort sold out. 2+2=4 matters naught to yuppies. #
  • p.s. Deepak Chopra writing in Huffington Post about back pain. Now I ask you: how pathetic is that?! #yuppies #matrixx #borg #
  • "The whole world is watching" is what we chanted on the street in the face of tear-gas and rubber bullets 10rs ago. Now? UK PM to Gadhafi. #
  • Bear in mind: a) sucking up pays (as you know); b) I have for 35yrs told my cohort that they're hypocritical cheats. Do the math. #borg #
  • CBC TV showing Toronto police in G-20. Let me guess, you can't watch because you're too busy, too distracted, too this, too that. #borg #
  • #Libya – You are lucky: in North American kidz have had their brains washed by their yuppie parents. Stay sane. #
  • Fucking pigs #
  • What does a yuppie cop do when he's caught in the tangle of his mis-deeds? What all yuppies do: bullshit. Probably to earn promotion. #
  • @georgevhulme Proves my point. I guess that's your cue to snicker. #pathology (And yes, you are blocked now.) in reply to georgevhulme #
  • @georgevhulme Senior editor at InformationWeek? Good magazine. I've been getting it for years. But you're still a jerk. in reply to georgevhulme #
  • @marionpollock Depression and despair often result in a harsh swing to the right. Quasi-fundamentalism = simple "truths". cc: @JoelFrench in reply to JoelFrench #
  • Dear kids – Cops in Canada and US aren't "better"; they're working under different rules. So your parents can live with their lies. #borg #
  • You celebrate civil disobedience in Egypt and Tunisia and Bahrain and Yemen and Libya because it makes good video. Spectator sport. #borg #
  • My advantage: I was paying attention in the 60s. I was watching as my cohort melted into the conventional careerist story-line. #pathology #
  • #GlobalGulag is very simple: keep pressing the bounds of civil society to gradually choke it off. Careerists will toe the new lines. #
  • How did Michael Corleone put it? "The higher I get, the more crooked it is." Even by just ducking away you help make it what it is. #
  • Liberal politics (yes, I mean Democratic Party) don't sputter because they're weak. They sputter because practitioners are false. Hollow. #
  • Good people are sometimes cornered into making deals with the Devil. Careerists go looking for those deals, for profit and gain. #
  • I joined the military (infantry) to do a certain job well. Uncle Sam's foreign policy made me feel deep shame. #RCMP re-kindles that shame. #
  • "Social media" mavins, with all their talk about collaboration, profit by ignoring what me and mine did over the past decades. #matrix #
  • #Libya #Egypt #Tunisia #Yemen #Bahrain – You swap away 1 set of villains. But villains are with us always. Pick. Choose. Think. Act. #
  • Here's a dare: Might makes Right Y/N? I'd celebrate if 1 in 10 of you have the slightest bit of sense. #GlobalGulag #Matrix #borg #
  • @faviolahbglasgo Damn. You didn't indicate time/date. I dearly hope that's old news. in reply to faviolahbglasgo #
  • @support @twitter – SPAM accounts are interspersing crap with quasi-plausible tweets. #
  • @support @twitter – Rate of tweets and number of @'s should be effective metric. #
  • Hatred's a very powerful energy. When my cohort sold out our dreams, they left their kids with not even that. #matrix #borg #
  • How did Christ put it? "Don't think you're righteous because the tower collapsed and crushed others but not you." #karma #
  • I know how to navigate "biker" bars. I get close to who ever is making most sense. Then I ham-string him. With mere logic. Years of practice #
  • @pressfreedom I'm sure they in Iraq have been watching how Karzei manipulates things in Afghanistan. It's a hard road. cc: @znmeb in reply to znmeb #
  • #ParticipatoryBudgeting – Got email. A paper from SEP2010. About an event in 2009. And it was attached PDF instead of URL/link. ^fail* #
  • Have a craft? Then you have 1/2 a chance. Pay attention to phenomenal world. Want to play "attention economy"? Then you're doomed. #
  • Admit it: it's always open season on street activists. Can't beat on Blacks or gays … but my tribe is branded as dangerous. #matrix #borg #
  • Earlier tonight: Deepak Chopra on Huffington Post about back pain. Latest? HuffPost on resumes. #pathological #matrix #borg #
  • @PERSIA_MAX_NEWS I'm sure School of the Americas taught assassins well on pre-emption / strategic initiative. God help us. cc: @ishtarmuz #
  • #dharma – "Attention economy" says not "You must" be greedy and ambitious. It says "You are naught" without those vices; denial of virtue. #
  • As part of a society in decline I watch the worst rise up. That's a quirk of history: the reptilian reacting to increased stress. #matrix #

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