BenTrem tweeted on 2011-02-15

  • 15 IBM engineers work on something for 4yrs. I work on something alone for 28yrs. I can it a draw. heh @IBMWatson #
  • Today's the day! If you don't watched Jeopardy, you want to. If you do watch it, don't miss this one! @IBMWatson #
  • NHL brawl "like UFC"? No way. UFC fighters show way more class than what those teams displayed. Buncha thugs! #
  • When you put a psychopath through therapy what you get is a more sophisticated psychopath. So with oligarchs. Social justice or nothing! #
  • @DiggsWayne What Fuller said about love? That's how I think of "meaning" … a "strange attractor". Hence in reply to DiggsWayne #
  • #JavaScript – To take a bookmarklet and refactor is as a script to include on a page … not so hard? Could I save it as JS and call it? #

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