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  • 1) stomp criminal activity; 2) secure distribution of basics (milk, bread cooking oil?). Stalin's tactic was to make things worse. #Egypt #
  • Opportunists aren't big on heavy-lifting; their 80/20 religion has them positioned as pundits. (Zuckerberg as personal hero? Oh puh-lease!) #
  • #Egypt – Here's something the Army Council might go for: anyone profiteering will be charged and tried for treason. Gore the oligarchs' oxes #
  • @twitter @support – I live 150 yards from Mill Creek Ravine. Why does system keep switching my location to something wrong? #
  • @andersoncooper Stalin was a master manipulator. Not only did he re-write history (revisionism) but he'd issue contradictory dictates. in reply to andersoncooper #
  • Fingers on your buzzers; "Time to play Jeopardy!" Q1 … and … Brad picks 1st topic. 1, 2 and Watson scores. Daily Double up! @IBMWatson #
  • *wh00t!* #
  • $3,400 $200 and $200 #Watson #
  • $5200, $1000, $200 … #Watson #039;s kickin' ass! #
  • If you're watching #Jeopardy right now be advised of SpolerAlert if you search Twitter. #
  • @IBMWatson – re: Word association; quantum valleys; strange attractors! *G* #
  • Want an example of _techne_ in action? IBM's Watson. A clearly defined problematic. #
  • @IBMWatson – Failure to glean information from others' answers. *yoiks, that'll take a weekend!* #
  • @larmanius see @IBMWatson (While you're at it, look for the shows on PBS Nova.) in reply to larmanius #
  • @InkandPenstemon Keep an eye on the probability bars. Watson's often more than 90% sure. Not just trigger finger! in reply to InkandPenstemon #
  • #Jeopardy #Watson – Who will tweet stats on this episode's viewership? #
  • Contempt: take a signed document, add "not" to the key phrase, then lie about it. Canada's Conservative Party says that's fine. #Oda #
  • @DavidMTaylor I noted that she didn't listen to the other contestants' answers. That'll take some programming! Anyhow, sure to watch tonight in reply to DavidMTaylor #
  • @stevebaker What's next? If I may: read Hesse's "Magister Ludi" recently? _Glasperlenspiel_, I suggest, recommends itself. cc: P. Horn in reply to stevebaker #
  • @stevebaker p.s. Watson could go to bat in #OpenAccess It's about discourse, n'est-ce pas? :-) in reply to stevebaker #
  • "After ‘Jeopardy’; The next job for computer #Watson — hired hand" > < ( by @stevebaker cc: @IBMWatson #
  • "Can a Computer Win 'Jeopardy'?
    Chess is a piece of cake VS parsing puns and analyzing language." > < ( #Watson #
  • HR and pundits filter for culture. Polarization in community at large is worsened by the false homogeneity they produce. #matrix #borg #
  • Because Gorbachev "met argument with argument" (Margaret Thatcher) he and Reagan were able to "talk in depth about many things". #discourse #
  • I was saying, "Rule of law, social justice". Naguid Sawiris makes the case for two points: Freedom and Fairness. #Egypt ( #
  • Did accountants create spreadsheet? No. Did pundits create word processor? No. I'm stumped … can't meet the folk who actually care. #
  • #NewToMe "The best free cultural & educational media on the web" #
  • @openculture – I would have liked to use the Follow widget on your web page but @Wibiya is far, far, far too intrusive. best –ben #
  • @ToughLoveforX @graingered @simbeckhampson – from @OpenCulture: "Rethinking Education: A New Michael Wesch Video" > < #
  • Interested in biographies? Q: isn't biography history + subjective narrative? K. So what do we call tightly reasoned argument in same style? #
  • I'm afraid more and more activists arrive where I am: the self-promotion that is online exchange just doesn't pay the freight. #matrix #borg #
  • @KateGardiner History rocks. Did you know that page numbering appeared only 40yrs after the printing press? :-) in reply to KateGardiner #
  • @ToughLoveforX re: print geek – Almost got into book design. Would have enjoyed that. Path not taken; public discourse rules my life! ;-) in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @ToughLoveforX heehee … clasic video. cheers in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @ToughLoveforX p.s. Netvibes (for me) was break-through. Non-trivial functionality. I don't see equiv in #Gov2 0 #discourse (Yet! *grin*) in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @liza It's adaptive: trying to actually get something done is way of being seen as a trouble-maker. in reply to liza #
  • I think maintaining momentum all these years has left me pooped. After all, who needs/wants discourse? Forums are just fine! *Gack Ptui!* #
  • Bev Oda had a funding document, signed. She instructed that "not" be inserted in "to approve". Conservatives say that's okay. WTF/FFS #
  • Why bother with discourse? It shows true motives. Conservatives aren't concerned with security (Unveiling to Vote): they want melting pot! #
  • Unofficial CBC poll: 90% say Bev Oda should resign. Why would Harper care? *shrug* He's not about integrity / transparency. #

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