BenTrem tweeted on 2011-02-14

  • Mubarak's gone? *shrug* Gov in Canada and Alberta are still white-washing pollution from Tar Sands. So really … #matrix #borg #
  • Context – When we went into the streets against the cruise missile we were there by 10s and 100s of thousands. Early 80s. No internet. #
  • A lot of my cohort are jet-setters. Protest tourists. I'm sure some were in Cairo. Me? I moved back to Alberta. *shrug* Sheep / goats. #borg #
  • LinkedIn also hijacks pages referred to by folk in discussion. Why am I not surprised. #
  • "Bright Ideas, Dim Prospects – < 50% of ideas come from key constituents and influencers." > < ( #Gov2 0 #
  • (Did I mention I'm compulsive? *G*) Just found; voices some key concerns I've had for many years: < ( #
  • Youth captivated by #Egypt K, let's try this: Mubarak had his regime. Where ever you are, there's a variant of that. #RuleOfLaw #Justice #
  • Documentary on child slaves in cocoa plantations. GOP hates /hates/ HATES the UN and such as ILO. A new democracy at hand? Not really. #
  • "The ruler has lost the mandate of heaven" — old Chinese. New? Rulers depend on neo-liberal psychopaths. #GlobalGulag #matrix #borg #
  • OMG … who'd uh thunk it: use of non-alcohol mouthwash reduced premature birth 65%. Wooof! #
  • Anyone familiar with Camus' "La Chute"? #
  • @IBMWatson – 27hrs? 7AM EST? *blink* #
  • What's failure? Injustice in cocoa was my first issue. 1975. GOP congress under Bush cut the industry slack in 2002. Slavery continues. Fail #
  • @CBC – New newsreaders seem to average 1 fumble per paragraph. + mispronouncing names such as Bahrain and Imogene. *sigh* #
  • "The “Twitter Can’t Topple Dictators” Article" > < by @jayrosen_nyu ( #
  • One end of the bell curve: "Challenging the Gifted" > < cc: @ToughLoveforX @graingered @simbeckhampson #
  • In the spirit of #Tunisia and #Egypt … Italy will put the boot to #Berlusconi #
  • Deep understanding of oligarchs in 1 easy step: They hide behind the same rationalizations you use when you compromise your integrity. #
  • "Social software" like Twitter and FB allow outsiders (couch potatos) to fantasize about tools for community organizing. 80 / 20 yet again. #
  • In the 80s and 90s. even 2001-03, A-list pundits put down use of WWW for activism. Til they got in front of it. Now they're heroic?! #borg #
  • Federal election early 80s getting folk to use FAX for coordinated talking points was like pulling hen's teeth. A-list need to monopolize. #

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